Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Acqua Collection


So, before I actually post about the Bronze Color 2012 collection (snippets here, and here), it seems I ought to try and stay relevant by posting what I picked out from the recent Acqua Collection instead. I, along with many others, am elated that Giorgio Armani has made a comeback (really?) here in Singapore with a comfortable, stand-alone counter in DFS Galleria. Now I’ll have more excuse to pop by *grin*

I was served by the very enthusiastic Alan, do look out for him and he’s a joy to have around. I raced to the counter after leaving the office at 7 (unheard of these days, cough) and promptly told him, much to his amusement, that I want ’24, 25, 27, 28′. Spoken like a die-hard Giorgio Armani ETK fiend!

L-R, B-T: #24 Smokey Copper, #25 Rusted Gold, #27 Oxidised Silver, #28 Red Platine

I’m actually quite proud of the photo above – it depicts the subtle nuances between #24 Smokey Copper and #25 Rusted Gold very well. I wore #24 out for a night out, and this is a go-to shadow for dark, mysterious smokey eyes indeed. Fill in your lash line fully, vamp up with mascara and you’re ready to party! Best of all, it held up remarkably well on my oily lids.



Look at the beautiful beautiful shimmer/glitter/fairy dust! I can go on and on about the complexities of the shadows, but I fear I’ll run out of words sooner than I think. Just try it, if you haven’t already. The ETKs are officially the only shadows I would use in this formula, ever. I’ve recently acquired a few of the Chanel Illusion d’Ombre Long-Wear Luminous Eyeshadows pots, and the Armani ones kick them out of the water totally, completely.

If you ever were caught in a pinch – go with the Giorgio Armani.

The new ETKs from the Acqua collection are considerably softer than I remember from their predecessors – I would press with the same strength on say #6 Khaki Pulse and it will barely make a dent in it. These are soft, not crumbly, though I would say I had a little accident picking up pigment with my freshly-washed MAC 217 brush one morning – it deposited more glitter than colour pigment and wouldn’t blend. That I would blame on my brush and weird eyelids, since my second wear proved awesome.

Each of these babies cost S$41.00, and I’d best hurry if I were you to catch ’em all!

Why hello..



I hope everyone’s been doing well. Apologies for falling off the bandwagon (I know I know, it’s a petty excuse but I tend to be very one-track-mind about work..) but in die-hard fashion, the hauling didn’t really stop in my absence *grin*. And oh, before I drone on and on, here’s a FOTD (the only thing that got me posting, really) of what I wore last night.

Eyes: Ombres Perles de Chanel, the fourth colour in the quint.

Cheeks: (my beloved) Chanel Bronze Rose Soleil Tan de Chanel – seriously I need a backup of this goody. I cannot begin to tell you how much of a workhorse this is, especially to slightly contour my cheeks.

Lips: MAC Sheen Supreme in Insanely It, and a matching lipliner that I didn’t catch. I wore this all night and it was so comfortable! And if anyone’s curious, I spent my eve of Public Holiday playing poker (and losing….). Methinks this may well be a turning point in my life – no more nudes?! *cue shocked expression*

**And any feedback on my hair? I’ve been meaning to cut bangs but…. my girlfriends and hairstylist are dead against it. The priority being high-maintenance (I ‘m more inclined to snip it myself than go down to the salon…) and the second being too ‘kiddish’ for work. Thoughts?


See the awesomeness that is Bronze Rose? Love. To give you an idea of how bright the lipstick is, I’m an NC15 (but a strange one seeing that my hair is now ‘Sweet Apricot *rolls eyes*) and I felt good wearing it out around the mall! At least there were no little kids running away screaming to their mommies ‘why is there a weird lady with bright fuchsia lips walking around?!’ – but I digress.

This is an exciting time in the makeup world, I confess to be enamored by Guerlain (check out Les Fauves and Peach Boy, whoohoo!), Chanel (I’m a fan of the US pressed powder blush formula..), Burberry (Dark Sable and Mulberry, want!), Giorgio Armani (have you gotten yourself the new ETKs yet? If not, go and catch them all!) and Chantecaille (the Elephant eye quad and cheek colour is gorgeous!).

And just to share the glorious room that we got upgraded to at the Marina Bay Sands, I would need to stop feeding my makeup addiction if I were to be able to afford a house like this in future, lol.

And no staycation is complete without room service! The Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad is the bomb-diggity!

Enjoy the Public Holiday folks, I’m off to hunt for more bright lipsticks now.

First day…..


At work that is. All is well, except that my Guerlain Terracotta Inca bronzer fell to its gory death, survived by the compact case and bits of powder all over my floor. Sigh. Another limited-edition product bites the dust.

In other news, I’m wearing the Dior Incognito on my nails, and the colour is so beautiful! There’s just enough pink to balance the nude so it doesn’t wash out my pale skin.

*still very bummed about my Guerlain compact….*

Burberry Beauty


I should have shown a little more love towards Burberry here on the blog, after all, my current foundation routine consists of mainly the Fresh Glow and Sheer Foundation. I am also in love with their eyeshadows and strangely, own only a single blush from the line. Methinks a remedy is in order..

Here was what I used yesterday:

Burberry Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation in Trench No.04

Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base (I mix the two together for a single application, gives me glowy skin which I love!)

Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush in No.05 Blossom (super bright pop of color on my NC15 cheeks)

Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in No.21 Midnight Brown

Le Métier de Beauté True Color Eyeshadow in Jojo (as a subtle highlight to blend out No.21 Midnight Brown)


In a nutshell – Neutrals which I absolutely love, a bright pop of colour on cheeks (which are getting better, thank the dermatologist goodness!) and a nude lip colour.

And a photo of my girlfriend and I while we were at a Thai barbecue place last night celebrating a friend’s birthday.

Ahhh my puffy cheeks. What am I to do without bronzer, contouring and resisting the urge to grin?

3 things

Chanel Summer 2012 has launched ladies, and I’m late to the party! Prices (courtesy of Qiuling) of the bronzers (Sable Beige, Sable Rose) are S$77 each, with the eye duo at S$66. Not too bad I say. Also on my radar is the Delight polish, the perfect complement to Graphite which I already own. If you haven’t noticed, I love a matching pair. Here are some links which I found absolutely helpful: 

  • Les Vernis 607 Delight on Memoiselle
  • Rouge Coco Shine in Empreinte and En Vogue on Pondering Beauty (Her swatch of Empreinte made my no-lip-products resolve waver!) 
  • Glossimer in Calypso on Tracy’s Beauty Blogsphere (Am I brave enough to stick out my neck and venture into coral lipglosses?) and Ombre Contraste Duo Sable Emouvant here
  • Another look at the Ombre Contraste Duo Sable Emouvant on naturalNchicmakeup 

I’m feeling absolutely stuffed, which isn’t a good feeling for a Sunday afternoon. Ate too much (in my defense it was my sister’s 18th birthday…), and my already poor digestive system is now overwhelmed and overloaded. Time to gulp down healthy bacteria! 

And to wrap up a so-so weekend which didn’t see much love for makeup or skincare, here’s a quirky photo of the girlfriend and I, visiting an electronics shop in Guangzhou to get our fill of iPhone cases. Mine sports a baby pink Hello Kitty bow now. 


Dior Vernis in 579 Plaza


I really enjoy wearing the Dior Vernis, they are a pleasure to apply and together with the almighty Seche Vite, I have thick, glossy nails that are virtually indestructible. Well except for the part where I chipped my right thumb trying to open my Shu Uemura compact (#undeclaredhaulfromHongKong)…

Plaza reminds me of a friend, it’s certainly bright and unabashedly so. If you don’t have such candy fun colours in your collection, I would certainly recommend it. I’m sure there are other brands who have similar colours, but the formula is outstanding and I love it.

Forgive my lapse on the writing wagon, been sick again and now battling extreme dry patches on my face (go oral meds!) that normal moisturisers can’t seem to well, moisturise.

And a preview of posts to come…

You know your girls got your back…


When Friday came a day early…

Feeling the effects now with very dry lips, I have a love-hate relationship with whiskey dry.

When Shoes (my latest acquisition from Zara Hong Kong, love!) and Shirley Temples (my girlfriend’s) have something in common at Harry’s

I managed to walk and lasted the whole day in these, and surprisingly, only my last two toes are feeling extremely tender. Count myself quite lucky, as they took me from the office, to impromptu dancing.

When one of them snaps a photo of me talking to another and tells me that I look the part of my job (‘Jo you look like you’re being interviewed!’)…

Animated much? Speaking of which, I officially have a crush on Le Métier de Beauté and can’t wait to show you the few goodies I have currently amassed. Dress also from Zara Hong Kong, so comfy to wear.

And when they are just awesomesauce.

Giorgio Armani Beauty Bronze 2012 Color Collection


Allow me to meander awhile and begin this post with a reminiscence of sorts. My MUA at Giorgio Armani Hong Kong go a year back, she knows me as the (crazy) Singaporean girl who dropped by the store for two consecutive days, sweeping as many Eyes to Kill shadows (ETKs) as her bag can carry. I feel sheepish typing this, as my Chanel SA can testify, I can get a little carried away with enthusiasm and you don’t receive a warm reception when shopping in Hong Kong.

Anyways, fast forward a year, Aggie is now Counter Manager and as I only belatedly found out, does not personally handle customer sales anymore. This revelation hit only when I was firmly ensconced in the Armani swivel chair, with her bringing out goodies from the Bronze 2012 Color Collection for me to play with. Cue an extremely embarrassed Singaporean who was trying very hard not to wring her hands in both delight and ‘can I just bury myself into a hole now?!‘ sentiments.

So without further ado, I present to you the crowning jewels of Armani’s Summer collection, the Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadows. In four new, limited edition shades.

Here’s what Armani has to say about ’em:

For the first time, Eyes To Kill Intense unveils a pearl blend that radiates four spellbinding colours. Each of the Eyes to Kill Intense – ‘Obsidian Black’, ‘Obsidian Grey’, ‘Écailles’ and ‘Madre Perla’– is based on a revolutionary technology that acts like a kaleidoscope, producing multidimensional colours.

This season’s must-have, ‘Madre Perla’ is a blend of precious white pearls that instantly radiates ever-changing pink, purple, blue and green light for hours. It can be swept over eyes and temples, like a radiance veil as seen in the Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2012 show ‘Nacré’.

Neither a cream nor a powder, this incredible hybrid formula acts like a colour suspension that delivers a dreamy, ethereal beauty to eyes with a 24 hour hold.

I gotta ‘fess up, I LOVE the Giorgio Armani ETKs. In fact, when I was hard-pressed for time, all I would do is an overall wash of #6 Khaki Pulse, black liquid liner and mascara. Done in 10 minutes flat, and I never fail to receive compliments each time I wear the look.

Safe to say, the amazing complexity of each ETK holds special place in my makeup collection. Instead of recommending palettes (like the Urban Decay Naked, which remain a staple for some) to friends who are venturing into makeup, I would introduce them the Armani ETKs instead.


Left to Right: 22 ecailles / 21 obsidian grey / 23 madre perla / 20 obsidian black

I must apologize, I swatched these instore and with my crappy iPhone. All that beautiful shimmer, especially in 23 madre perla, is almost invisible. I’ll get better swatches once I’m feeling better!

These have a dreamy texture to them, some of my ETKs actually crumble and I think it’s normal considering that you have to press them back after use. The new ETKs in this collection feel like cream silk on your lids, if one has to find words to describe the sensation. It’s smooth like butter. Gorgeous. I’m glad I held out on the Chanel potties, ahem.

Aggie was also kind enough to give me a complimentary eyebrow trim, you can see that Giorgio Armani emphasizes on thinner brows that come with a visible arch. She used only three ETKs on me (the ones I purchased), and advised against 22 ecailles as I have puffy lids. They form a beautiful graduation on the eyes, you must try it for yourself.

Uh, this was taken a few hours after I landed in Hong Kong (yes I skipped straight to the counter after unloading my luggage, opps) – my hair’s a mess. But see the graduation?

It looks a little blue here due to the store light.

Aggie used 23 madre perla as a base color, taking it all the way up to under my brow bone as highlight. After, she used 21 obsidian grey as a lid color, before smoking up the look with 20 obsidian black. Blend as you will. Aggie next used the Smooth Silk Eye Pencil to line my eyes, taking care to smudge it a little, before setting it with the Maestro Liquid Eye Liner. And my lashes, oh I die for them.

Another instore photo.

Upon hearing that I would be out later that night with friends at Lan Kwai Fong, Aggie promptly touched up on my powder (I only had on BB cream, yikes!), and used the new face palette (‘Seashell Pink‘ and ‘White Foam‘) for blush and highlighting.

The completed look, please ignore the messy hair! It was a chore having to shower and wash my hair without smudging my makeup, but I emerged victorious!

I don’t know which I’m more in love with, the sparkles, the grey or the lashes.

My job here is done, please go check out the collection for yourself. Fellow ETKs collectors, you know what you should do! *winks*

I’ll be showing my own purchases in another entry, I’m not sure when the collection will launch in Singapore, but these are limited edition so they won’t be around for long! If you are a fan of a smokey eye, the new Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadows will be your favourite toy to play with, they are incredibly smooth and put that extra ‘oomph!’ into your look.




With luck, I picked up a nasty infection from Guangzhou and my return trip was miserable to say the least. I was sick earlier in April and I guess the virus had a happy time rioting within my system. However, I thoroughly enjoyed my time between both cities, and wished I could have had a few more days to spare.

I leave you with a photo of cotton candy colours from Dior, and happy Friday!

537 Riviera x 257 Incognito x 579 Plaza