Chanel Summer 2012 has launched ladies, and I’m late to the party! Prices (courtesy of Qiuling) of the bronzers (Sable Beige, Sable Rose) are S$77 each, with the eye duo at S$66. Not too bad I say. Also on my radar is the Delight polish, the perfect complement to Graphite which I already own. If you haven’t noticed, I love a matching pair. Here are some links which I found absolutely helpful: 

  • Les Vernis 607 Delight on Memoiselle
  • Rouge Coco Shine in Empreinte and En Vogue on Pondering Beauty (Her swatch of Empreinte made my no-lip-products resolve waver!) 
  • Glossimer in Calypso on Tracy’s Beauty Blogsphere (Am I brave enough to stick out my neck and venture into coral lipglosses?) and Ombre Contraste Duo Sable Emouvant here
  • Another look at the Ombre Contraste Duo Sable Emouvant on naturalNchicmakeup 

I’m feeling absolutely stuffed, which isn’t a good feeling for a Sunday afternoon. Ate too much (in my defense it was my sister’s 18th birthday…), and my already poor digestive system is now overwhelmed and overloaded. Time to gulp down healthy bacteria! 

And to wrap up a so-so weekend which didn’t see much love for makeup or skincare, here’s a quirky photo of the girlfriend and I, visiting an electronics shop in Guangzhou to get our fill of iPhone cases. Mine sports a baby pink Hello Kitty bow now.