I hope everyone’s been doing well. Apologies for falling off the bandwagon (I know I know, it’s a petty excuse but I tend to be very one-track-mind about work..) but in die-hard fashion, the hauling didn’t really stop in my absence *grin*. And oh, before I drone on and on, here’s a FOTD (the only thing that got me posting, really) of what I wore last night.

Eyes: Ombres Perles de Chanel, the fourth colour in the quint.

Cheeks: (my beloved) Chanel Bronze Rose Soleil Tan de Chanel – seriously I need a backup of this goody. I cannot begin to tell you how much of a workhorse this is, especially to slightly contour my cheeks.

Lips: MAC Sheen Supreme in Insanely It, and a matching lipliner that I didn’t catch. I wore this all night and it was so comfortable! And if anyone’s curious, I spent my eve of Public Holiday playing poker (and losing….). Methinks this may well be a turning point in my life – no more nudes?! *cue shocked expression*

**And any feedback on my hair? I’ve been meaning to cut bangs but…. my girlfriends and hairstylist are dead against it. The priority being high-maintenance (I ‘m more inclined to snip it myself than go down to the salon…) and the second being too ‘kiddish’ for work. Thoughts?


See the awesomeness that is Bronze Rose? Love. To give you an idea of how bright the lipstick is, I’m an NC15 (but a strange one seeing that my hair is now ‘Sweet Apricot *rolls eyes*) and I felt good wearing it out around the mall! At least there were no little kids running away screaming to their mommies ‘why is there a weird lady with bright fuchsia lips walking around?!’ – but I digress.

This is an exciting time in the makeup world, I confess to be enamored by Guerlain (check out Les Fauves and Peach Boy, whoohoo!), Chanel (I’m a fan of the US pressed powder blush formula..), Burberry (Dark Sable and Mulberry, want!), Giorgio Armani (have you gotten yourself the new ETKs yet? If not, go and catch them all!) and Chantecaille (the Elephant eye quad and cheek colour is gorgeous!).

And just to share the glorious room that we got upgraded to at the Marina Bay Sands, I would need to stop feeding my makeup addiction if I were to be able to afford a house like this in future, lol.

And no staycation is complete without room service! The Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad is the bomb-diggity!

Enjoy the Public Holiday folks, I’m off to hunt for more bright lipsticks now.