When Friday came a day early…

Feeling the effects now with very dry lips, I have a love-hate relationship with whiskey dry.

When Shoes (my latest acquisition from Zara Hong Kong, love!) and Shirley Temples (my girlfriend’s) have something in common at Harry’s

I managed to walk and lasted the whole day in these, and surprisingly, only my last two toes are feeling extremely tender. Count myself quite lucky, as they took me from the office, to impromptu dancing.

When one of them snaps a photo of me talking to another and tells me that I look the part of my job (‘Jo you look like you’re being interviewed!’)…

Animated much? Speaking of which, I officially have a crush on Le Métier de Beauté and can’t wait to show you the few goodies I have currently amassed. Dress also from Zara Hong Kong, so comfy to wear.

And when they are just awesomesauce.