Bliss is..


Sitting on a comfortable chair after a hot shower, tired aching feet propped up on a soft bed and with an awesome soundtrack on dock. I am never one for strenuous activity with my flat feet, though I totally enjoyed wandering around IFC Mall and later, Harbour City. Wish I could do more, but tomorrow I’m waking up early to pack my necessities before boarding a train for Guangzhou. Goodbye Hong Kong, till I see you on Wednesday.

Today has been a day of buying, the navy tweed jacket that I eyed at Zara Singapore showed up unexpectedly here in Zara Hong Kong, and I just had to have it. Too much of a coincidence to ignore. H&M yielded a treasure in the form of a floral dress with a sheer back. Of course, I picked up a few more goodies (*winks at Jacq*). My only regret? I was too late to check out the Le Métier de Beauté counter before it closed. I saw and swatched the City Girl Kaleidoscope (Hong Kong exclusive), alas they were sold out of it. The counter also had the Northern Lights and Aurora Kaleidoscopes in stock.

I’m determined to check out Le Métier de Beauté in detail before I leave on Wednesday. For fellow brand addicts visiting Hong Kong, check out the Joyce Boutique stores in Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui as the counters come with a full product range.


Look: Giorgio Armani Beauty Bronze 2012 Color Collection



Giorgio Armani Summer 2012 is nothing short of amazing. I got to preview the collection (Summer will be released in Hong Kong only on 1 May 2012), and best of all, bring home the goodies with me. I have a whole entry planned in my head, alas time is running short as I’m due at LKF with awesome company. The texture of the ETK is like a smooth cream shadow, not crumbly (those of you who own ETKs will know) and glides on extremely smoothly.

I’m an extremely lucky girl!

Holiday anxiety


This time tomorrow, I’ll most probably be doing the following:

  1. Stuffing myself silly with my favourite braised pork belly with preserved vegetables (HK style), slurping down delicious icy cold mango desserts and chomping down crispy fried fish skin. It sounds gross my friends, but absolutely addictive!
  2. Going GAGA at the Giorgio Armani counter in FACESS (Tsim Sha Tsui) and trying my best to not peek at Jill Stuart or anything else. Which reminds me, I need to look up the location of Joyce Boutiques where they stock Le Métier de Beauté. Imagine me at an actual Le Métier de Beauté counter (with a list of shadows in hand), it will be pretty sick.
  3. Sleeping away in my hotel room after having done the above and needing desperately to recuperate before a night out. I tell you, I’m getting old. Typing this with extremely dry and tired eyes, and my check-in is at an ungodly hour of 5:00AM. I’ll be hard-pressed to sleep tonight, especially when I haven’t packed for a five day trip which will take me also to Guangzhou.

And while we are on the topic of unpackaged luggages, here is what I’m allowing myself to moderately panic over on:

  1. WHAT MAKEUP AM I GOING TO BRING WITH ME?! (The smart answer would be: multi-functional products which also happen to be luxury high-end cosmetics that work exactly how you want them to and out-perform themselves.)
  2. WHERE ARE MY FRIKKIN’ ORAL MEDICINE! THOSE DAMM PILLS BETTER NOT GET ME INTO TROUBLE WITH SECURITY! (I hate ’em pills, but the dermatologist says they are good so they are. Any refutations of sorts with my wizened charming doctor is firmly nipped in the bud, resistance is futile.)
  3. Oh-my-god moment. I just realized that I’ll need to pack in my full-size contact lens solution (mine are the kind that will bubble and fizz, it’s quite interesting except that it needs to sit for six hours else you’ll end up with blinding pain in your eye… which is not interesting at all.), and my KMS California set of products that give me awesome, moderately-manageable hair.
  4. My luggage is unfortunately a puny-sized little thing, so I’m thinking I’m going to run into storage issues. I can envision newly-acquired shoe purchases being lonely in my shoe cabinets, with nary a box in sight. Not that the same treatment will befall my cosmetic purchases, ahem.
  5. I should probably draw up a list right now for a quick and efficient way to pack, but goodness me, can everything I want just magically fall into my luggage by themselves? Am on the verge of a childish ‘stamp-feet’ moment.

You would notice by now that I have my priorities totally askew right? Normal people would be worrying if they have enough clean underwear to last them the trip, or enough clothes to take them from day to night comfortably. For someone who has been living in blouses and high-waist pencil skirts (AKA typical office attire) for the past seven months, I do not have a single pair of shorts to my name. Oddly enough, that doesn’t faze me as much as leaving behind say, my Giorgio Armani eyebrow pencil.

TGIF everybody, I hope I didn’t bludgeon anyone into madness with my thoughts all over the place. I’m sure that with enough caffeine, I’ll be sober enough to actually pack. Cheers!

3 Summer 2012 collections that I’m excited about

#1 – What else can it be? Chanel, Chanel…. and Chanel. I’ve been driving myself into a frenzy while reading beauty blogs online and praying fervertly (now that does not sound right..) that the collection hits shelves in Singapore quicker. My picks? Both Soleil Tan de Chanel Harmonie Poudre de Soleil – 907 Sable Beige (Golden Beige), 917 Sable Rose (Golden Pink)], Le Vernis – 607 Delight (Bronze) and 617 Holiday (Bright Coral).

My lips are now dry due to the course of oral medicine that my dermatologist prescribed to uh, rebalance my hormone levels and clear my breakouts. Hence, even though Rouge Coco Shine in 437 Empreinte (Soft Beige) is really after my own heart, I’m not feeling the kick for any lip products. But we’ll see, with my enabling partner Jacq and the wonderful ladies at Chanel Ion Makeup Studio, everything goes right out of the window.

*Pictures and information credit to Cafe Makeup, a most wonderful Chanel resource.

#2 – I confess to be severely underwhelmed by the Guerlain Terracota Sun Shimmer Blush (Sunny Pink and Spicy Coral) when I tried the testers at Sephora last week. The store had part of the Sun in the City (what a beautiful name) collection in stock, and I happily skipped to the counter thinking that I would love it. My resistance levels towards blushers and highlighters are almost negligent, however the too-liquidy texture does not impress. It was hard to apply, difficult to get it to stay down on the back of my hand. However, YMMV so please check it out for yourselves.

Moving on, I am most excited about the Gold Glimmer Powder. This absolutely gorgeous product has my name written all over it. A gold highlighter you say? I’m sold.

And how can I forget about the highlight of the Guerlain Terra Azzurra Collection by Emilio Pucci for Summer 2012, the Terra Azzurra Bronzing Powder & Blush. I love multi-use products, and this baby is a definite keeper. 

#3 – Le Métier de Beauté. I know I know, they don’t have a Summer collection (or do they?), but I was hopelessly suckered into the three new Kaleidoscope releases for Saks. When I got wind of news that the exclusive On The Coast was released early and available for purchase, I spent a frantic hour trying to make my order (and helped out dear Jacq with a palette purchase too *grins*) and ship. Can’t wait to receive it!

And in true makeup magpie fashion, I’m also awaiting the release of Rouge Bunny Rouge this Friday on Zuneta, Abyssinian Catbird will be mine! *shakes fist* I’ll be off to Hong Kong this weekend for my yearly pilgrimage holiday, and am looking forward to visiting the Giorgio Armani counter there again and see if my favourite MUA is still around.  The brand is now stocked at DFS Galleria, and prices are extremely competitive, which is a good sign.

Happy mid-week everyone!

This feels like Christmas


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Hi everyone, I can’t quite seem to keep track of time now. Busy days tend to do that to you, but I’ve been looking forward to home every evening. Why? Because last evening, I came home to this:

I’ve FINALLY managed to get my hands on the Diorshow Nude Glow #001 Aurora! God knows how long and hard I’ve been searching for it, having a couple of near misses with sales before finally sagging it in a blog sale by Gorgeousskin – who so happens to be a gorgeous blogger whom you should totally check out.

She was generous to throw in a few samples of the Rouge Bunny Rouge liquid highlighters and primer, *thank you* And this is also the reason why I’m safely skipping the Dior bronzers of this season, though Chanel is another thing altogether..

And at the end of an extremely tiring and shitty day, I came home to these:

My first-ever Le Métier de Beauté Kaleidoscope! And not just ANY ordinary kaleidoscope, it’s Smoldering Embarkment, one that was released a long time ago by the talented Dustin! I thank my lucky stars that I spotted this baby in a blog sale. Strange thing was nobody except me wanted it.

The Chantecaille Tiger in the Wild is a backup of the one I’m currently using. I love it enough to get a backup (and get rid of my Chanel Prelude quad?), the blush is perfect as it actually stayed on me. Impressive.

This came along with three OPI polishes, which I didn’t capture. These package came at a great bargain, that’s all I’m willing to say. And free shipping!

To cap this extremely indulgent entry, I went into my bedroom and found an ordinary nondescript black box sitting on my bed. It yielded the following..

I just wanted to say that it was during Illamasqua’s Easter Sale that this happened, and only seven are mine. They make great gifts for the girlfriends no?! *grins*

Much-awaited play date with Jacqueline of My Beauty Hoard!


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It was worth the wait to meet dear Jacq after months of absence, though we still incited makeup lust in each other via Whatsapp and what not. A typical play date for toddlers would mean mommies bringing along the latest toy cars and barbie dolls, but for the both of us who uh, share an affinity for the finer things in life, here’s what we had between us:

That is one expensive table. But before I delve into detailed examination… Jacq and I met up to check out the Montaigne palette for her sake, and it was a great time again at the Chanel Ion Makeup Studio with Qiuling’s attentive care. I shall leave the whole session for Jacq to narrate, please visit her blog here.

While Qiuling worked away at Jacq with Montaigne, I on the other hand, was happily swatching away at the goodies that Jacq brought with her. See the Laura Mercier Rose Rendezvous Face Illuminator? I despaired of any hope to find it for myself. Imagine how happy I was when I saw swatches of the MAC Superb (which I ordered 2 of *cough*).

Here’s what I wore.

I was a little blush-happy and didn’t notice I should have whacked more on my right cheek…

I was excited for our play date, which naturally would involve ALOT of swatching. Hence I used all three Le Métier de Beauté products which I ordered and received last week from when the brand was first launched.

And really, I am a die-hard convert now. Can’t wait for the rest of my goodies to come in!

Face: Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base, Burberry Sheer Luminous Fluid Foundation in Trench #4, Giorgio Armani High Precision Retouch #2 Ivory (great concealer recommendation from Jacq!), Guerlain Météorites Poudre De Perles #02 Rose Frais as finishing powder, Guerlain Météorites Cruel Gardenia as highlight.

Blush/Contour: Le Métier de Beauté Blushing Bronzed Duet in Traviata. If you are sick of the sticky gross packaging of Nars and are looking for an even better product, look no further than Traviata. Le Métier de Beauté does their powders so softly milled, it’s ridiculous. The minute I patted on the Sun Kissed (the bronzer) with my MAC 116 brush, I was hooked. Echo (blush) is just a beautiful peach-pink flush, it beats Orgasm anytime. Review to come.

Eyebrows: Giorgio Armani

Eyes: Le Métier de Beauté True Colour Eyeshadow in Jojo as base, Corinthian in the outer corners of my eyes. Dollywink Liquid Liner, finished with Dollywink Volume Mascara. Both Dollywink items are my staples, though as soon as I’m finished with the mascara, I’ll purchase the Sublime de Chanel.

Lips: Clinque Chubby Sticks in #2 Whole Lotta Honey. Gorgeous MLBB colour for me.

Qiuling did a touchup of my brows as they were penciled in a little too thick, I love how she does such an effortless arch and brow tail.

To tell the truth, I was a little ‘meh’ when I first did my eyelook (Jojo + Corinthian), but after looking into the mirror, I realized the two colours complement each other beautifully. I was apprehensive that the look would be too warm for me, but having received compliments on it, I will probably wear this combination for the next consecutive days. I’m truly impressed with Le Métier de Beauté.

Here’s dear Jacq and I at the Chanel Ion Makeup Studio. Woman you look gorgeous with Montaigne!

Our play date officially took place at NYDC Wheelock, please enjoy the following photos.

Anything Chanel is good.

One lousy-ass iPhone photo of us.

And now, for the moment of truth. I feel incredible just looking at the photos myself.

And if I could have an item from Jacq’s collection, it would be this:

SUQQU Blend Colour Eyeshadow in #11 Himesango 

It was an enjoyable afternoon for me and I hope to have more play dates in the near future. It’s really nice to chat with a fellow like-minded makeup addict friend, who can tell you with confidence that ‘I prefer Burberry’s formula over Chanel’s’ because we just have that many products to compare against. At least Jacq understands why one can never have enough highlighters.

Off to remove my makeup, I really love how the look with Le Métier de Beauté products turned out. Can’t bear to remove my perfectly-drawn brows and go back to reality, but we must.

Have a great week ahead everyone, good night. Please visit Jacqueline’s blog here, I guarantee a great read.

The end is in sight..



Or so I’m convincing myself that it is.

The Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronze Rose was a limited edition release for Summer 2011, and this palette is special to my heart. Not a pretty story to tell.

I’ve only just begun digging into Bronze Rose this year, and how time flies. Chanel Summer 2012 is set to launch, and I’ve already reserved my eyes on the two bronzing palettes. These are hard to overdo, the resultant colour is so soft and irresistibly chic. Compared to my Nars Orgasm x Laguna duo (which I eventually trashed), Bronze Rose provides a beautiful natural flush.



What a rainy Saturday. My initial plans for a play date with the lovely Jacq had to be postponed till tomorrow due to unplanned work commitments, am feeling very bummed but I’m looking forward to a great Sunday! Here are more photos of the Chanel Ombres Matelassées 51, Montaigne palette that I had the privilege to have MUA Cecilia work her magic on me.

Here’s a goofy picture of Qiuling touching up on my powder. I’ve never been successful at drawing my waterline, but I can see why it is important now. It defines and gives an almost-fierce look, I love.


On a whim of sheer devilry, I Whatsapped this picture to dearest Jacq who didn’t disappoint with her uh, extremely enthusiastic response.


Here’s a close-up of the amazing eye makeup. The colours of the Montaigne palette, when blended together, reminds me a little of the Chanel Peridot Le Vernis. There’s a little of the iridescent thing going on. Please excuse the bazillion whiteheads and gross bumps on my skin.

You can see how amazing the Sublime De Chanel is here in this picture. My lashes are full, thick and clump-free. How amazing is that? I’ll have to ask Cecilia when I next see her on what colours she used and where.

Here’s another full face photo. Excuse the smug look, as my eyes are quite puffy and if I look at the camera straight on, the shadows disappear and I want to show you how beautiful the Montaigne applies.

My kitty phone decides to be part of the fun.

The beautiful Chanel Makeup Studio over at Ion Orchard, I cannot recommend it any less.



I knew the minute Cecilia (the lovely MUA at Chanel Ion Boutique) started on my eyes with the Montaigne palette, it would be something I have to share here on the blog. My initial thoughts? The first three shadows were barely discernible from each other. In plainer words, I didn’t see myself putting them to much use. With the right brushes and Cecilia’s incredible attention to detail and blending however, they are gorgeous.

Speaking of which, I now realize that my trusty MAC 217 no longer fulfills my needs. As one graduates to sophisticated smokey eye looks (something which my SA is hell-bent on), intricate (read: small) tools are required along the process. I have my eye now on the Lunasol eye brushes, or ultimately, Chanel’s. If only the brushes automatically grant its wielder mind-blowing techniques..


I’ll do the look break-down if anyone’s interested in another post, this is just a quickie.

Lips: Rouge Allure Velvet in #31 La Furtive topped with Rouge Coco Shine in Brilliant (the shiny sparkler from the Las Vegas De Chanel collection). Dry lip lines are my own.

Eyes: Chanel Sylo Yeux in #10 Ebene, liquid liner (I forgot the name!). Lashes are crimped and curled with the Chanel curler and lashed out with the Sublime De Chanel. Impressive, I never had such beautiful, long and full lashes. Even at S$50, this is one pricey purchase that I will definitely go back for.

Cheeks: My SA did a fabulous job with the base makeup. As you can tell, my skin is a WARZONE right now, and I’ve realized that nothing short of going back to the dermatologist will work. She loves smokey-eye looks and light pinks on me, hence she used Pink Cloud on the back ends of my cheeks to avoid further irritating my skin. Candy was used to contour, since I’ve been doing ALOT of eating these days.

Brows:  Le Sourcil De Chanel. At S$100, this is another pricey purchase that I will go back for the minute I’m done with my Giorgio Armani brow pencil. It makes my brows look so much fuller and natural at the same time, I tend to be heavy-handed when penciling in my brows.

I am excited for a play date tomorrow *winks*, but till then, I’ll definitely write more. Please visit the Ion Chanel boutique for an amazing experience, my MUA is Cecilia Kang and my SA is Qiuling, both are lovely ladies who would be happy to help you with your purchases.

Today I …


I wore the Lunasol Aurorized Eyes in Contrast Variation out today while running an errand at Daiso Simei – that place is so crowded! Did some scouting for work and bought plastic storages in my #84787897 attempt to sort through my makeup. I can’t decide if I am better off categorizing by brands, or by product function. Don’t know about you, but there’s something mentally delirious when you see all your black Chanel boxes lined up together. I try not to think about how much the entire compartment translates to though … my minion pay will start hyperventilating.

And in my attempt to carve out a balance between work and personal life, I went for an impromptu aromatherapy facial, which I love it more for the massage. And decided (impromptu-ly) again, that I should go for a shoulder/neck massage as well. 40 minutes and S$51 poorer later, I stumble sleepily back home and feeling very at peace.

It’s now 9pm and I just did my toes in OPI Ski Teal We Drop and my fingers in Barefoot in Barcelona. I hate how my fingers look, since I was lazy and didn’t cut my nails beforehand, so I’m gonna take the polish off later. And oh, I broke my specs as well, by sitting on them. Stupid I know, but this forces me to have to wear contact lenses and therein, makeup. Since my eyebags are horrendous, they are a nightmare unto themselves.

What else is there to a Sunday? Rediscovered love for the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (I wear #51 and it’s a good match for a NC15 – the Burberry in #4 can look slightly dark on me), and to complement, the Soleil Tan de Chanel in Bronze Rose. I’ve been using le Chanel for some time now, it’s a gentle color, very French.

Here’s wishing all of you good night and a great week ahead! I’m looking to receive my second Zuneta package tomorrow night, so it’ll be something to perk up the usual Monday Madness.