This time tomorrow, I’ll most probably be doing the following:

  1. Stuffing myself silly with my favourite braised pork belly with preserved vegetables (HK style), slurping down delicious icy cold mango desserts and chomping down crispy fried fish skin. It sounds gross my friends, but absolutely addictive!
  2. Going GAGA at the Giorgio Armani counter in FACESS (Tsim Sha Tsui) and trying my best to not peek at Jill Stuart or anything else. Which reminds me, I need to look up the location of Joyce Boutiques where they stock Le Métier de Beauté. Imagine me at an actual Le Métier de Beauté counter (with a list of shadows in hand), it will be pretty sick.
  3. Sleeping away in my hotel room after having done the above and needing desperately to recuperate before a night out. I tell you, I’m getting old. Typing this with extremely dry and tired eyes, and my check-in is at an ungodly hour of 5:00AM. I’ll be hard-pressed to sleep tonight, especially when I haven’t packed for a five day trip which will take me also to Guangzhou.

And while we are on the topic of unpackaged luggages, here is what I’m allowing myself to moderately panic over on:

  1. WHAT MAKEUP AM I GOING TO BRING WITH ME?! (The smart answer would be: multi-functional products which also happen to be luxury high-end cosmetics that work exactly how you want them to and out-perform themselves.)
  2. WHERE ARE MY FRIKKIN’ ORAL MEDICINE! THOSE DAMM PILLS BETTER NOT GET ME INTO TROUBLE WITH SECURITY! (I hate ’em pills, but the dermatologist says they are good so they are. Any refutations of sorts with my wizened charming doctor is firmly nipped in the bud, resistance is futile.)
  3. Oh-my-god moment. I just realized that I’ll need to pack in my full-size contact lens solution (mine are the kind that will bubble and fizz, it’s quite interesting except that it needs to sit for six hours else you’ll end up with blinding pain in your eye… which is not interesting at all.), and my KMS California set of products that give me awesome, moderately-manageable hair.
  4. My luggage is unfortunately a puny-sized little thing, so I’m thinking I’m going to run into storage issues. I can envision newly-acquired shoe purchases being lonely in my shoe cabinets, with nary a box in sight. Not that the same treatment will befall my cosmetic purchases, ahem.
  5. I should probably draw up a list right now for a quick and efficient way to pack, but goodness me, can everything I want just magically fall into my luggage by themselves? Am on the verge of a childish ‘stamp-feet’ moment.

You would notice by now that I have my priorities totally askew right? Normal people would be worrying if they have enough clean underwear to last them the trip, or enough clothes to take them from day to night comfortably. For someone who has been living in blouses and high-waist pencil skirts (AKA typical office attire) for the past seven months, I do not have a single pair of shorts to my name. Oddly enough, that doesn’t faze me as much as leaving behind say, my Giorgio Armani eyebrow pencil.

TGIF everybody, I hope I didn’t bludgeon anyone into madness with my thoughts all over the place. I’m sure that with enough caffeine, I’ll be sober enough to actually pack. Cheers!