#1 – What else can it be? Chanel, Chanel…. and Chanel. I’ve been driving myself into a frenzy while reading beauty blogs online and praying fervertly (now that does not sound right..) that the collection hits shelves in Singapore quicker. My picks? Both Soleil Tan de Chanel Harmonie Poudre de Soleil – 907 Sable Beige (Golden Beige), 917 Sable Rose (Golden Pink)], Le Vernis – 607 Delight (Bronze) and 617 Holiday (Bright Coral).

My lips are now dry due to the course of oral medicine that my dermatologist prescribed to uh, rebalance my hormone levels and clear my breakouts. Hence, even though Rouge Coco Shine in 437 Empreinte (Soft Beige) is really after my own heart, I’m not feeling the kick for any lip products. But we’ll see, with my enabling partner Jacq and the wonderful ladies at Chanel Ion Makeup Studio, everything goes right out of the window.

*Pictures and information credit to Cafe Makeup, a most wonderful Chanel resource.

#2 – I confess to be severely underwhelmed by the Guerlain Terracota Sun Shimmer Blush (Sunny Pink and Spicy Coral) when I tried the testers at Sephora last week. The store had part of the Sun in the City (what a beautiful name) collection in stock, and I happily skipped to the counter thinking that I would love it. My resistance levels towards blushers and highlighters are almost negligent, however the too-liquidy texture does not impress. It was hard to apply, difficult to get it to stay down on the back of my hand. However, YMMV so please check it out for yourselves.

Moving on, I am most excited about the Gold Glimmer Powder. This absolutely gorgeous product has my name written all over it. A gold highlighter you say? I’m sold.

And how can I forget about the highlight of the Guerlain Terra Azzurra Collection by Emilio Pucci for Summer 2012, the Terra Azzurra Bronzing Powder & Blush. I love multi-use products, and this baby is a definite keeper. 

#3 – Le Métier de Beauté. I know I know, they don’t have a Summer collection (or do they?), but I was hopelessly suckered into the three new Kaleidoscope releases for Saks. When I got wind of news that the Saks.com exclusive On The Coast was released early and available for purchase, I spent a frantic hour trying to make my order (and helped out dear Jacq with a palette purchase too *grins*) and ship. Can’t wait to receive it!

And in true makeup magpie fashion, I’m also awaiting the release of Rouge Bunny Rouge this Friday on Zuneta, Abyssinian Catbird will be mine! *shakes fist* I’ll be off to Hong Kong this weekend for my yearly pilgrimage holiday, and am looking forward to visiting the Giorgio Armani counter there again and see if my favourite MUA is still around.  The brand is now stocked at DFS Galleria, and prices are extremely competitive, which is a good sign.

Happy mid-week everyone!