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Hi everyone, I can’t quite seem to keep track of time now. Busy days tend to do that to you, but I’ve been looking forward to home every evening. Why? Because last evening, I came home to this:

I’ve FINALLY managed to get my hands on the Diorshow Nude Glow #001 Aurora! God knows how long and hard I’ve been searching for it, having a couple of near misses with sales before finally sagging it in a blog sale by Gorgeousskin – who so happens to be a gorgeous blogger whom you should totally check out.

She was generous to throw in a few samples of the Rouge Bunny Rouge liquid highlighters and primer, *thank you* And this is also the reason why I’m safely skipping the Dior bronzers of this season, though Chanel is another thing altogether..

And at the end of an extremely tiring and shitty day, I came home to these:

My first-ever Le Métier de Beauté Kaleidoscope! And not just ANY ordinary kaleidoscope, it’s Smoldering Embarkment, one that was released a long time ago by the talented Dustin! I thank my lucky stars that I spotted this baby in a blog sale. Strange thing was nobody except me wanted it.

The Chantecaille Tiger in the Wild is a backup of the one I’m currently using. I love it enough to get a backup (and get rid of my Chanel Prelude quad?), the blush is perfect as it actually stayed on me. Impressive.

This came along with three OPI polishes, which I didn’t capture. These package came at a great bargain, that’s all I’m willing to say. And free shipping!

To cap this extremely indulgent entry, I went into my bedroom and found an ordinary nondescript black box sitting on my bed. It yielded the following..

I just wanted to say that it was during Illamasqua’s Easter Sale that this happened, and only seven are mine. They make great gifts for the girlfriends no?! *grins*