I knew the minute Cecilia (the lovely MUA at Chanel Ion Boutique) started on my eyes with the Montaigne palette, it would be something I have to share here on the blog. My initial thoughts? The first three shadows were barely discernible from each other. In plainer words, I didn’t see myself putting them to much use. With the right brushes and Cecilia’s incredible attention to detail and blending however, they are gorgeous.

Speaking of which, I now realize that my trusty MAC 217 no longer fulfills my needs. As one graduates to sophisticated smokey eye looks (something which my SA is hell-bent on), intricate (read: small) tools are required along the process. I have my eye now on the Lunasol eye brushes, or ultimately, Chanel’s. If only the brushes automatically grant its wielder mind-blowing techniques..


I’ll do the look break-down if anyone’s interested in another post, this is just a quickie.

Lips: Rouge Allure Velvet in #31 La Furtive topped with Rouge Coco Shine in Brilliant (the shiny sparkler from the Las Vegas De Chanel collection). Dry lip lines are my own.

Eyes: Chanel Sylo Yeux in #10 Ebene, liquid liner (I forgot the name!). Lashes are crimped and curled with the Chanel curler and lashed out with the Sublime De Chanel. Impressive, I never had such beautiful, long and full lashes. Even at S$50, this is one pricey purchase that I will definitely go back for.

Cheeks: My SA did a fabulous job with the base makeup. As you can tell, my skin is a WARZONE right now, and I’ve realized that nothing short of going back to the dermatologist will work. She loves smokey-eye looks and light pinks on me, hence she used Pink Cloud on the back ends of my cheeks to avoid further irritating my skin. Candy was used to contour, since I’ve been doing ALOT of eating these days.

Brows:  Le Sourcil De Chanel. At S$100, this is another pricey purchase that I will go back for the minute I’m done with my Giorgio Armani brow pencil. It makes my brows look so much fuller and natural at the same time, I tend to be heavy-handed when penciling in my brows.

I am excited for a play date tomorrow *winks*, but till then, I’ll definitely write more. Please visit the Ion Chanel boutique for an amazing experience, my MUA is Cecilia Kang and my SA is Qiuling, both are lovely ladies who would be happy to help you with your purchases.