Got sick of the sticky, messy NARS packaging and took a knife to it. Now I feel so much better looking at my Orgasm x Laguna duo (which is all you need for your face, really) and the Kalahari. I wish such resolute behavior would apply for other aspects of my life, but you can’t win them all. 

Was feeling not so good (I wouldn’t want to bore but yes – dejected, depressed, disillusioned. The 3 ‘D’s is a cocktail combustion in its own.), hence I decided to play with my makeup. And as a result, I’m sporting the Chantecaille Tiger in the Wild palette on my left eye, and the Lunasol Aurorized Eyes in Contrast Variation

Which brings me to my next point, how they both look on me. Le Tigre Sauvage produces an astonishingly edited, cool-tone, polished eye whereas the blush is a most gorgeous thing, pulling the whole look together. I used all three colors on my eyelid, me being an adventurous trooper, and it looks slightly matte and very office-appropriate. 

The Contrast Variation is slightly warmer, but gorgeous. The glitter is not over-the-top, as per Lunasol standard, and brings a sparkle to your eyelids. I personally like how it makes a statement. My only gripe? I had fall-out (mostly glitter) under my eye area and that is not cool, especially for rush-hour mornings when you overslept and can’t paint your face in record time. 

In short, I would recommend both palettes for even the most beginners. Just use a MAC 217 (I need my second one!) and you are good to go. I use the 3-step application technique: #1 – Lightest shade as an all-over wash #2 – Second lightest shade on the first 2/3 or 1/2 of my lid #3 – The darkest shade on the (duh!) last 1/3 or 1/2 of my lid. And then you muss up the color separation ‘line’ and viola! 
Personally? I think the Chantecaille is great for client meetings, especially those that you know are hardest to impress. They are so high up the corporate ladder, nothing fazes them anymore. Except incompetence. The Lunasol are great for random moments when you look up while washing your hands at the office sink and smile at your reflection.

From this point onward, I realized that my planned ‘point’ entry is evolving into a long post and hence I removed the bullet points. 

So what else is new? I’ve fallen out of love with makeup, considering that I never had time in the mornings to paint my face. And now, after a lengthy conversation with myself, I fell back in love with makeup and am back on the band-wagon. Even as some of you may scoff and think ‘it’s only makeup!‘, I would like to think of it as ‘taking care of myself’. I think I’ve been lacking in that department, and as Jacq put it so very nicely ‘it’s only when you take care of yourself then you can take care of other things in your life’. I have hence decided to put an end to endless drudgery, and from today, put my best face forward. 

Since you know, it’s been so long since I last saw a movie or had a nice, proper meal without incessantly checking my emails throughout. 

Thank you for checking back still, it warms my heart really. More to come!