This little space has been at the back of my mind and in my thoughts, but alas with a to-do list as long as my arm (maybe slightly shorter, depending on what font size I use), I couldn’t afford the time to even type a decent entry. Kudos to beauty bloggers who get content up on their blogs even as they juggle a full-time work commitment, it is so not easy!

Today is supposedly the end of my first work week, however it also marks the first Sunday I have to work, so….. yeah. Not that I am complaining, being the ‘lowest life-form’ in the office, you should be happy that your boss thinks you’re competent enough to not disgrace the company at the event later right?  By hook or by crook, I gotta suit up my game. If only we are talking about killing zombies here.

To make this beauty related, is anyone hauling the MAC Lightscapade? I’m putting in an order for three: one’s a gift, one’s for me to play with, while the last one is my back-up. I love highlighters, and Lightscapade has been on my hunt list now. Also in love with the NARS Fall collection, I see myself ordering sight unseen. My parcel with all the Fall goodies arrived, and the Gallion polish is gorgeous – just that it turned gloopy after I took it out to use last night. I ended up making a mess of my nails and running out of nail remover. Which means I have shitty nail color now.

Have a great week ahead everyone, I know I’ll be holding out hope ~.~ Stay healthy!