Because I get to be happy again tomorrow, geddit? Heh.

I received extremely good news this morning, news that would make one’s heart skip a beat and put a spring to the feet. This means I’d most likely not be able to blog (unless anyone is interested in reading wordy ‘things’ posts) until next weekend. I’ll try but since it seems that I would be under a copious amount of alcohol influence come Saturday night, so I’d most likely skip the verbal coherence.

And my makeup addiction knows no bounds. Even my Chanel SA agrees. Thanks to lovely friends abroad who really go out of the way to help accommodate the most ridiculous requests – like ‘do you think you could help me get a backup of XXX’ or ‘please please please pop by the drugstore and get me XX’ or ‘I would die happy if you got XXXXXXX for me’. Go figure 😛

Happy Thursday everyone, have a great day!