1. The beauty world is buzzing with the latest Holiday collections. I’m particularly taken with what the house of Chanel, Guerlain and interestingly Tom Ford, has to offer. Though definitely not in love with their prices. But we’ll see.
  2. Have you seen the stunning Chanel POUDRE TISSÉE in Brompton Road that is exclusive to Harrods? It would make good company indeed for my OMBRES TISSÉE in Beiges. And we are in luck, for Brompton Road proves to be wearable (wry grin) – as you can see from this entry here by Vicky of Vanity-Fashionista. She has excellent pictures which are clear, and very helpful since she’d done a look with it for people like me who can’t get hold of a tester in the local store. It is a gorgeous pink/peach that waivers with the amount of highlight you sweep with your brush. Available online and in stores for three weeks only. Must-have.
  3. I’m officially on a ‘buy only from XX‘ phase. XX being specific brands that I culled out from my long list of wants (but they aren’t exactly needs either!), in my efforts to streamline and sort of ‘curate’ my collection. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I would be able to stick to it *glups*
  4. My wardrobe is no longer a mess. And taking heed of some very blunt pointers or what have you, I am going makeup clothes shopping. My latest ASOS acquisition turned out to be a total failure since I’ve only kept one out of three items, and that being a pair of too-high-for-my-own-good wedges. Whatever, I need to practice the walk.
  5. Am I the only one or is Chanel getting as bad as MAC is? I haven’t quite recovered from the avalanche of releases, or maybe it’s because I’m usually late to the party and purchase items from a previous collection at about when the current collection launches. Whatever it is, I’m all pooped out.

And to reward you for sticking through my usual thoughts-of-the-day entry, here’s Brompton Road in all its Chanel glory with the interlocking CCs.

*Image credits to British Beauty Blogger. Her thoughts on the collection can be found here.