1. I was extremely amazed (and amused) at how a pair of lashes would make a difference to one’s look. Specifically the Ardell 120 lashes that Sophia (of the makeup blogette) recommended me. I had a very weird night out last night as I went through a tipsy conversation partner and a friend who turned touchy. And I really would give my poor 5″ heels a rest because I turn out to be 170 and the men boys in the club(s) were barely eye-level to me. Talk about overcompensating.
  2. Burberry now has a counter at Tangs Orchard! For more details, visit Jacqueline of My Beauty Hoard here, she has purchased the items and hurray to the pricing; as Jacq reported that they are on par with the US prices. I’ve done my homework at Neiman Marcus and you definitely get a run for your money if you purchase Burberry during the Tangs 12% rebate promo. But as per rebates go, I really hate it because I tend to forget about my points and they expire within six months.
  3. It was a great day for packages on Friday, as I got my epic EMS package from the US whereas two friends received what I’ve sent out too. Hello to new loots, but I wouldn’t be doing a post on the entire package contents as they mostly belong to Luna and Sophia. I have a puny 11 items out of 42, hee. I’ve been good *glups* #undeclaredhaul
  4. I fell really hard for the LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL in GARDÉNIA, which I received a sample vial of from my recent Beiges purchase. The LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL is a virtuoso collection of 12 rare fragrances created by CHANEL Master Perfumers and is only available in Chanel boutiques. And they definitely don’t come cheap, which spells disaster for my pockets. 
  5. And in other news, I’ve gone back to black (or very dark brown), officially turning a year older in a week or so, and been busy with reevaluations. Of self-worth, of importance, of friendship, of cosmetics and basically trying to get rid of clutter. And I think I’ve grown wiser for the best of it. 

Cheers to tipsy but cute pick-up lines, a great sunny Sunday, lots of exciting news in the beauty scene (Tom Ford I love you but not your prices) and impromptu sightseeing. If you are looking for an alternative to the usual movie-dinner routine, I highly recommend the National Museum of Singapore this weekend. The installations were spectacular, particularly this gallery of a war photographer who shoots in black & white film. His quotes are definitely thought-provoking as he explores the conflicting issues of values defined by religion and yet violated by violence. I know I’d be back later in the week to see the installations more closely for myself. And in more comfortable clothes of course, haha.