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Hello everyone, I hope life has been kind for the past week. Thanks for all your concern and what better way to pick things up on the blog than to write an entry of the swap I did with Lyn (from Malaysia) of the beauty cabinet. I like her product pictures, they are clear, sharp, swatches are edited for color and her blog has an aesthetic that I generally prefer for reading. Very clean lines and great writing.

Going on with the swap, it all happened when I saw her tweets about the Urban Decay Book of Shadows 3 which she’d missed out on. I have that very box which lay unused in my collection (shamefaced) except for the bare swatches that I used it for. So we started emailing back and forth, me being a lousy correspondent *glups*, and viola, I received Lyn’s package last Friday ~_~

So on her end, I picked the Guerlain Tsarina Eyeshadow Palette that was Limited Edition and had this beautiful overspray. I think I test my self-restraint really, why the heck am I picking things left-right-center that has one-swipe-gone overspray which would irrevocably end up as a museum piece in my collection?!

Sidenote:// I really enjoy reading every handwritten letter I receive. So much so that I have a gigantic box in my room that I use to keep all the tags, letters, notes and cards that I’ve received over the years. Each one never fail to make me smile. It’s just a different feeling altogether to see someone else’s handwriting in real life when all you have mostly been doing is texting, emailing and writing with the computer.

I uh, stupidly pulled out the whole string from the drawstring pouch *facepalm*. Lyn was extremely generous with me because the pouch came with an unexpected extra:

A Paul & Joe Eye Gloss N in 04 Halo! How pretty is that? I wore it as a single wash on my lid today, and it gives the most beautiful pearlescent shimmer on my eyes. I was initially afraid it would make my eyes look puffy cos it’s a mauve-pink shade, and I definitely do not need any more swollen lids. But the Eye Gloss perked up my eye area and brightened it subtly with an elegant sparkle. Now I’m more interested to check out more of their eye products. I love to introduce different textures in my stash so that my makeup routine is never boring.

Here’s the Tsarina and Halo together ^_^

Close-up of the beautiful quad.

If you thought that was all, nuuuuoooo! Lyn also included several other goodies in her package, and they were right up my alley XD

She threw in the Heroine Make BB Cream, a Hello Kitty lipbalm, a Nivea Watermelon lipbalm that made my package smell awesome (of watermelons!), several Paul & Joe sample packs and a mask. I’m most excited to try the BB cream as well as the Hello Kitty lipbalm, because I’m a fan of BB Creams and the one by Heroine Make seems to be a good one. I’ve tested it numerous times in Watsons and the color doesnt have the typical grey cast of most other BB Creams.

So there you have it! My swap with Lyn of the beauty cabinet. Thank you Lyn for being so generous with my package, and I hope you’d enjoy yours as much as I did mine XD My package is en route to her, the BOS3 is bulkier than I thought x_x Reviews of the Paul & Joe Eye Gloss will come soon, have a good week ahead everyone!