In case you think I’m crazy to have three Chanel Topkapi quads in my stash, two of them are CPs for Georgina and Sue Lynn. The minute Georgina told me she wanted a Topkapi in a comment here, I called my lovely SA and she managed to reserve the last two Topkapi quads in Singapore for me. The quad is a Limited Edition and retails for S$95. My own Topkapi was an early birthday gift from my gf HT, thank you dear!

And yes, I succumbed to the Ombres Tissees in Beiges as well, but the story on that will come later. The Beiges is also a Limited Edition, retails for S$95 and is exclusive to the Chanel Ion Makeup Studio. Since Twitpic is being an idiot now (it doesn’t load on my desktop T_T), I could only upload proof of purchase here on the blog. And here we go!

I am terribly ashamed but er, not repentant at all. *glups*

My babies! *cuddles*

So how did the whole Beiges happen? I took a little time off today for some me-time after visiting the hospital. I realized I have a little of a home-body in me; it’s been more than a week since I can just vegetate at home without heading off anywhere. So after missing my hairstylist at the salon, I went off to have my eyebrows done at Wheelock. Thankfully it wasn’t a painful experience and I’m now sporting slightly-thinner-than-I-would-have-liked brows. Then it was off to Isetan Scotts to pick up the two Topkapi quads, and then shoe-shopping at Zara. I realized that with all four items, I could have bought the two pairs of heels I was lusting after. *facepalm* But no regrets! And since the two quads were a CP, technically I no come out money right? *stares at Paypal fund balance*

In my current state, I can do naught but ramble. Apologies.

Over at the Chanel Ion Makeup Studio, my SA had also reserved a Beiges for me since I was afraid it would sell-out in the time it took me to decide whether the palette was worth keeping. I fell prey to the whole ‘Chanel regret is extremely expensive‘ theory and since I love highlighters, why the hell not?

Speaking of which, I wasn’t aware that Chanel SAs are not allowed to wear Limited Edition items for their makeup. Since they can’t disappoint customers who may inquire about the products they wear, should the customers like the colors. Bummer :S

It was a pleasure shopping at the Ion Makeup Studio. My SA was extremely attentive and nice and I spent more than an hour chatting with her about everything. Even things like the Illusion D’Ombres versus the Eyes To Kill (I had #15 in my makeup pouch and showed it to her), and what Chanel is planning to introduce for their next collection. Best of all, she wasn’t pushy at all, and kept emphasizing the concept of the store being a Makeup Studio, where customers are encouraged to test Chanel’s products for themselves.

And Beiges looked exceptionally beautiful when she applied it below the arches of my brows and as a highlighter on my cheeks. The Vitalumiere Aqua foundation wears really good as well, I’m very impressed by the way she dabbed and pressed the foundation on with a brush to conceal the redness and scars on my cheeks. So much so that I can’t see any imperfections when I stood two steps away from the mirror.

To reward you at the end of this lengthy entry, here’s Beiges. Note that the surface sparkles in the light and I was really amazed by the crystalline appearance. Gorgeous. And totally worth the S$95. I’ll be sad to swatch it gone.