Hi everyone, I intended to do a review and swatch of the Visee Glam Glow Eyes in BL-5 but I was in a hurry and didn’t manage to do my eye makeup on Sunday. So here are pictures and swatches of the quad. Review will be updated in this post once I manage to do a look with it ~.~

It’s light-weight and thus convenient to put in your handbag for a quick touch-up or to pat on more of the darker navy blue for a night look.

The compact is adorned with lace-ribbon metal etching on the corners and really pretty.

More pictures of the gorgeous case cover.

Close-ups of the pan colors.

Swatches. The colors are as per the numbered shades from the picture of the quad above, i.e. clockwise from top left. These are swatched without any primer.

Color Descriptions (Will update after I use the quad)

#1 is a silvery white grey. I think it’s great as a base color to layer on the blues.

#2 is a turquoise sky-baby blue. I suck at color descriptions and these photograph accurate to swatch, so what you see is what you get.

#3 is a nude that packs on glitter without much color. It is almost invisible on my skin. Brow highlight or as a pop of sparkle in the middle of your lid.

#4 is a black-navy with multi-colored glitter particles. Of these, #4 disappointed me the most as I thought it would have been more navy than black and glittery. I might be wrong after I use the quad though, please keep that in mind. 

Updated with more swatches.

Swatched over UDPP. As you can see, #2 is nothing but a glittery mess, even with primer.

Initial Impressions

Of the four colors, #1 and #2 has the best texture and pigmentation. Surprisingly smooth with the fair amount of shimmer / glitter in the powder, not bad for a drugstore brand like Visee. I read that this Glam Glow Eyes is their best collection put out so far to date, at least according to a Taiwanese blogger who has every single palette from the brand, and even though I’m slightly disappointed by the navy blue (it’s the reason why I purchased it in the first place), I shall not judge too harshly and instead play with it for a look first.

Being persistent, I swatched the quad over UDPP again this morning before I left the house and lo & behold, the colors turned up really nice and smooth. I second my initial opinion that the powder is smooth without feeling gritty, but they definitely need a primer. I think this has more to do with the pigment colors of Japanese eyeshadows in general, then it has to do with the quality. #2 is just a mess on my fingers, while #4 looks near-black. I guess if you pile on the navy, it’ll eventually look like midnight with blue glitter particles.