Pardon me for the extremely cliche opener, *grins*. I’ve thought about the best way to writing this entry, and as much as I would have liked to showcase each palette, I think individual pictures are best left to their respective review entries. You can click to enlarge. Without further ado on this beautiful Sunday morning, let’s begin!

First up, the eye palettes. I picked out four of them prior to the Kanebo Sale and was superbly relieved because the crowd was madness phenomenal. As they should be because prices were really jaw-dropping. Each Lunasol eye palette was at S$35, versus the retail of S$77. The best deal you can find in Singapore would be at a direct 20% off: S$61.60.

From left: 03 Nature Brown Nature Color Eyes / 05 Contrast Variation Aurorized Eyes / 01 Start of Night / 05 Close of Night  both from Star Shower Eyes

I also picked out three blush refills. There were other choices available but 05 Light Pink was totally snapped up by the Kanebo office ladies. So whatever’s left is more of the nudey-beige tones. At S$12, you would be hard-pressed to not just put everything in your order. The refills are priced at S$39 usually.

Clockwise: 04 Soft Beige / 06 Light Beige / 09 Medium Beige 

I should totally stop myself from buying anymore lip products. Since I er, have quite a few coming in from the US. #undeclaredhaul I picked the Full Glamour Lips G EX-04 at the counter as it looks to be a slightly more pigmented version of the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Liberte. I purchased it for S$15 at the sale, not sure of its retail price in Singapore.

The case is ultra sleek and heavy, giving a very luxurious feel.

Unfortunately, it is a definite finger-print magnet.

The thing is, I wouldn’t have gone back (and spent more money!) on the last day of the sale if not for my kind SA who informed me that they restocked 04 Nature Beige. And my resolve to just grab-and-go instantaneously fizzled under the attention of my SA who wanted to show me just about everything from Lunasol. Not that I’m complaining, hehe.

So instead of leaving with a single item, I went home with six. As previously stated, I blame my weak resolve, my enabling SA and the need to go shopping after an exhaustive week.

From left: 04 Nature Beige Nature Color Eyes / 02 Light Variation Aurorized Eyes / 03 Dazzling Night Star Shower Eyes

I actually had 02 Light Variation in my first order but put it back as I thought the neutrals were a little too light, but I guessed it’s just meant to be. My SA recommended 03 Dazzling Night and even opened a new palette as a tester to show me the colors, and how could I not? Such a beautiful blue. I don’t fancy light blues, turquoise blues or anything apart from smokey blues as they will make my eyelids swell like anything. Not a good look.

She then saw that I was wearing glitter on my eyes and pointed me to the Shiny Nuance Eyes. I must have looked unconvinced (as I should be since i have gazillion shiny shadows) because she tried the powder on her own lids. They are supposed to make you look more awake, and EX01 Sheer Gold White has a more pronounced effect than EX02 Sheer Gold Beige, which is more natural

The glitter particles are really smooth and finely-milled, no gritty bits in the powder. I think they looked really nice when you add them on the center of your lids as a pop of sparkle. At S$15 each, they are very affordable.

I also purchased the Shining Powder in BE01 Beige Mist as I love highlighters. I really do. They do wonders for defining the face and I like dusting it on my nose and cheekbones. This is definitely not a low-key highlighter (sheen versus glitter) as it has visible minute sparkle in the powder. I mentioned that I found it similar to the Guerlain Meterorites Voyage Compact and at S$15, it’s too much of a waste to pass up.

So thoughtful of them to include a brush.

Moving on, here’s the Compact Case (Select) that houses four blush refills. I purchased it from Metro at S$35 during the 20% rebate promo last weekend.

It comes with a mirror, with is really thoughtful because MAC palettes do not have a mirror and that is really inconvenient to tote about.

Here are my blush refills. I purchased the Shading Cheeks in 01 Natural Beige a few months ago with Luna and haven’t used it since. I have something against plastic refills, lol. This is extremely beautiful and natural when used as a contour with the Lunasol Cheek Brush. I love their brushes but not their prices. *sadface*

Clockwise: 01 Natural Beige / 04 Soft Beige / 06 Light Beige / 09 Medium Beige  

And this is aptly, my Lunasol nude-blush palette. Makes me so happy to look at it. *coughSWATCHcough*

And to end this ridiculously long unveiling entry, here’s my entire Lunasol haul from the Kanebo Sale.

*dies of heart attack*

And here’s a teaser for the Lunasol set that I’m going to unveil, soon. *evil*