This should give you a clue of what lies ahead *glups*

I have 87 pictures dedicated to this unveiling ceremony, blame the perfectionist streak for wanting to showcase how the Lunasol palettes show color under different light.

Anyhow, how is everyone doing for the weekend? I just had an incredibly tiring day. But I was good, I resisted the lure and call of the Chanel Ombres Tissees in Beiges and bought a new dress from Zara instead. Actually they both cost the same so money-wise, same amount going out. But uh, it’s been so long since I bought clothes so I guess that is justified. What isn’t justifiable is probably the items I reserved at BYSI as well. But we all need something nice to wear no? And orange is terribly in right?

Have a great Sunday everyone, I’m going to pray for awesome weather tomorrow and take a week’s worth of blog pictures. I have my eyes now on Edward Bess and Rouge Bunny Rouge, both on Zuneta. With my birthday just a month away, does high-end cosmetics justify as a reasonable expenditure? I know of friends who would shake their heads and say ‘HAUL IT!’ but we shall see.