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Good rainy Thursday! I came home to do work but had a hissy fit when my Internet went down again. Hate Singtel. I never had such problems with my Starhub service provider.

Anyways, here’s what my folks got me when they went Hokkaido for a short holiday. I wished they stayed longer, since the trip was technically only five days as two were wasted on flight hours.

I know, I couldn’t believe my eyes either. I mean, it’s my mom that you’re talking about. She only uses Lancome (and my Chanel Rouge Coco Shine) skincare and cosmetics. But she actually got me almost everything on my list that I set her off with. *incredulous*

So first up, she got me the six boxes of Rohto Lycee eyedrops that I asked for. I’ve been raring to try it after countless raves about the Rohto brand of eyecare. My eyes are extremely sensitive and dry (no thanks to wrong prescription lens) and I was hoping these would help. I actually found their normal eyedrops at a old-school drugstore and have been using it since. Pretty moisturizing. But the Lycee ones are pink and smell of lychees! Heh.

Four boxes of their lens care and two of the normal UV care. The Rohto Lycee eyedrops are 735 JPY each, roughly S$11.20.

I was being very sneaky and wrote down the brand name (Visee) as well as the numbers of the palettes I wanted. Which is essentially, the whole Visee Glam Glow Eyes range. And my mom fell for it!

The Visee Glam Glow Eyes retail for 1680 JPY, and my mom got them at 30% off at the drugstore. So each palette costs S$18 (1176 JPY). So pretty and I can’t wait to try them! Though I have a gazillion other palettes on my plate as well ~.~ *sheepish*

I was also lemming for the Nanoce BB Moist Cream, which is basically a BB cream. Japan is still new to this whole ‘multi-purpose cream’ business, but after trying the Meishoku BB Cream, I think it is a strong contender in the market. And yes, the Meishoku BB Cream is also another #undeclaredhaul from Hong Kong.

I was quite shocked to see two bottles of the Moist Cream 1. I only asked for one 2. It is quite expensive. I saw it retailing at S$36 in Singapore, and as far as BB Creams go, I would think it IS pricey. For 40g of product. I might change my mind about the price-tag later though.

My mother shocked me even further by saying: ‘Aiya, BB Cream I know is for the face so buy two bottles lor. Will use up very fast.’ Can you imagine my shocked-TTM face going “O_____O” And each tube of Nanoce Moist Cream retails for 1890 JPY, S$29. Not to mention, she got the Mineral Powder for me as well. The powder retails at 2100 JPY, S$32. And I think these, unlike the Visee palettes, are not eligible for the drugstore discount.

And finally, saving the best for the last. I present to you, the Lavshuca Fall 2011 Star Decoration Eyes Limited Edition Sets.

I was so deliriously happy when I saw these, that I sat on the sofa and giggled laughed like a silly schoolgirl or like a kid who won a free 10-second grab-all-you-want spree in a candy shop.

Can you imagine my mom, a distinguished working professional, squatting in front of a cosmetic display in a two-storey drugstore in Hokkaido alongside a sweet Japanese SA, pointing out on her mobile Lavshuca, a word that she couldn’t even pronounce correctly?

These are my very first Lavshuca palettes. I’m so glad I held out in Hong Kong and didn’t buy any. They retail in Japan for 1680 JPY each, S$26. The set includes a specially created Star Decoration Eyes palette and a Jelly Star Eye Base that are both exclusive to this release. This is 02 Brown.

And this is 01 Pink. I know you can’t tell, but I’m swooning over them again. So princessy and bling-bling looking~~ Okay, this is the extent I can allow myself to go hysterical over on this blog XP

My mom actually forgot to bring out my list with her on the last and only day of her trip where they were free for four hours to do some shopping. After regaling me with tales of extremely helpful Japanese SAs whom she communicated with via sign-languagevigorous finger-pointing and frantic head gestures, I was even more surprised that she went to such lengths. You see, my mom doesn’t exactly approve of my cosmetic addiction, but er, apparently that is a change in progress.

I feel very happy, not because of er, my mom’s enthusiasm at hunting down my cosmetic list (because I really don’t need anymore makeup and wouldn’t die without), but at something else. And that is something I don’t feel comfortable to share on here, but anyways. Thank you for sticking it out with me for so long *waves hello to Georgina – I know you are as excited as I am hun!*

P.S. I wrote this entry on Thursday night, but scheduled it for Friday morning. Have a good Friday everyone!