1. Today has been an out-of-sorts day. I canned all my lessons, just because of a meeting I had in the morning. And now at 6 in the evening, I haven’t had anything done. Nada yada zilch. Not even here on the blog, much less a frikkin XX. How the hell am I going to give birth miraculously to one?
  2. I opened my letterbox today and found it stuffed with bills, advertisements, lunch offers etc. Your typical contents if one hasn’t opened the letterbox for at least two weeks. However, not so typical was a Chanel mailer addressed to me. This makes me want to check out the Aquillaries de Chanel collection at Ion Orchard. And hopefully can resist the Ombres Tissees in Beiges which I think I am already in love with would love.
  3. Since today has been shitty, unproductive, listless and gone-to-the-dogs, here’s a picture to cheer everyone myself up.
See how pretty the packaging is? Hee.