I received two bottles of the Lunasol Point Make Off together with my purchase of the Lunasol Summer 2011 collection items. You can see the entry here. Having used it extensively for quite some time now, here’s a review.

But before I begin, here’s the official product description.

Three-layered makeup remover exclusively for point makeup, such as eyes and lips. 

Here’s the deal. I threw away the plastic box that the removers came in, but it was stated on the back that the product has three layers that you gotta shake and mix well before use. Also, it came with an orange scent, but it strangely reminded me of Baygon, a pesticide. Unlike Paul & Joe’s signature orange scent, the Lunasol Point Make Off smelt very artificial.

I fail to see the third layer somehow.

For starters, I tried to stay away from biphasic removers as I dislike the oily residue on my lids. Yet they are a necessary evil and I find myself having a few such cleansers in my stash. I’ve gone through a bottle of The Face Shop’s Herb Clear Lip and Eye Makeup remover and this is my second remover.

Let me first show you what is the result of some mixin’.

See the amount of oil you get on the sides of the bottle? Not good. Especially so for sensitive lids like mine. So what constitutes as a ‘sensitive lid’? If I gently stretch my eyelids, I can see delicate blood veins. And my eyes get dry easily and I have trouble wearing contact lenses for long. My eyes are also puffy and itchy and I get this insane urge to scratch them out. So if the above symptoms are identical to your’s, congratulations you have sensitive eyes!

But for the sake of a thorough cleansing, I steeled my sensitive eyelids for the stinging I know biphasic cleansers would deal. And does the Lunasol Point Make Off sting? You bet it does.

But, thanks to my awesome enabler SA who was pointing me to the awesome Lunasol Cleansing Oil deal during the Kanebo Sale, all my frustrations with the Point Make Off ended. After complaining about the stinging I experienced, she explained that it is due to amount of oil in the remover. And to counteract that, she advised me to dab some water on my cottonpad first before using the Point Make Off. And not to use too much of the remover when cleansing, something which I’m guilty of doing.

So, to sum up this review:

Yes, the Lunasol Point Make Off will sting sensitive lids. On bad days, I feel like my eyelids are burning. But after trying the dab-water-first method recommended by the kind SA (who experienced the same symptoms), that stinging is no more. As for its cleansing abilities, it performs rather well. I can remove eyeshadow, liner and eyebrow powder very easily. My only gripe is that I go through it quite quickly, lol.

Have a good week everyone, and I think I might hold back the unveiling of my Lunasol haul items since you know, we all like variety. Cheers~