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There was a Kanebo sale last week from 27 July to 29 July and many bargains could be had for cheap. Kanebo is a major cosmetic company in Japan and its labels include Coffret D’or, Kate and Lunasol. I haven’t tried any of its skincare brands but the Blanchir Superior (whitening) range has garnered rave reviews across the board.

Luna had tipped me off about the sale and we went to the Lunasol counter in Takashimaya to ‘scout’ the inventory list prior. The sale was extremely generous and prices were slashed to the point of no return, so much so that I had to exert a tremendous amount of self-control to just buy what I need and not what I want. But to be honest, I really don’t need anymore eye palettes, so that point is moot.

With the kind SAs’ help, we got our loot list prepared and I went down to the CozyCot office to collect and pay for the items. The waiting was bearable, not as bad as the Shiseido sale, and I amazingly stuck to my guns and quickly joined the payment queue.

So here’s what I came home with.

I was good and did not succumb to the I-cannot-believe-its-so-cheap Coffret D’or items. They belong to dear Luna who’s currently away on a 3-week vacation in the US.

Did I mention that my first eyeshadow palette was from Coffret D’or? It was a purple quad with a bejeweled compact and I think my love for shiny things blossomed thereafter.

Going back to my own purchases, I basically splashed out for the neutral quads, which is bad news because Lunasol does really nice neutrals that managed to look different with each palette. I brought home 05 Contrast Variation from the Aurorized Eyes collection, 01 Start of Night and 05 Close of Night from the Star Shower Eyes collection, as well as 03 Nature Brown from the Nature Color Eyes collection.

Not to mention, the Coloring Cheeks in 04 Soft Beige, 06 Light Beige and 09 Medium Beige. And a Full Glamour Lips G in EX04 Sheer Gold Beige. I couldn’t find the lipstick on the Lunasol website, so it’s probably discontinued.

I had the Lunasol Cream Foundation in OC-O1 in my order as well, but after trying out the Lancome Teint Miracle Cream, the Lunasol had to go. I find the Lancome so much easier to blend, whereas the latter is slightly heavy and thicker in consistency. You need lots of patience and time in your morning makeup routine, which sadly I don’t.

I then went off to Sephora Takashimaya to redeem my S$40 voucher for my very first Too Faced product, the Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder. It retails for S$45 and has real cocoa in it.

It really smells like sweet chocolate.

And if you think these were it, ‘nuuuuuuuuooooooooo‘.

I went back again on Friday when the SA told me they restocked 04 Nature Beige from the Nature Eyes collection. This time round the office was significantly less crowded, I think they had more staff than shoppers. My resolve to grab-and-go failed miserably, because I left with these:

*looks at picture, le sigh*

I purchased two other palettes, 02 Light Variation from the Aurorized Eyes collection and 03 Dazzling Night from the Star Shower Eyes collection. Under the undivided attention of my SA, I also purchased the Lunasol Shiny Nuance Eyes in EX01 Sheer Gold White and EX02 Sheer Gold Beige. They are powder shadows that add the extra ‘omph’ in your eye look with their finely-milled sparkle, and erm, gives you a more ‘awake’ feeling.

She also recommended the Lunasol Shining Powder in BE01 Beige Mist as a face highlighter. I was hooked after trying out the tester on the back of my hand, the powder reminded me so much of the Guerlain Meterorites Voyage Compact. With the sparkle but without the painful price-tag. You can tell I love highlighters, muahaha.

And the Metro 20% rebate was on for the weekend, so I purchased the Lunasol Compact Case as well.

Lunasol sells their blushers as refills and you have to purchase a separate case for them. The Compact Case is a 4-pan blush case, and I now have enough refills for one. Where did the other one come from? *cough*

To do a little self-redemption ala Jacqueline, I purchased the Lunasol items at a great discount (more than 50% off retail prices in Singapore), even though I still spent an obscene amount of money. Money that can be better spent elsewhere (like cabs, lol). I blame my weak resolve, my enabling SA and the need to go shopping after an exhaustive week.

I’ll do the unveiling in my next entry, where I will also showcase another Lunasol set that I have hidden away in my drawers. Didn’t have time this morning to tear off the plastic, ogle openly and take pictures of everything in proper glory. Have a good week ahead everyone, I’m looking forward to a day of rest 🙂

P.S. The Lunasol website is updated with information about the Autumn collection, which features five (permanent) eyeshadow palettes, two (limited edition) blushers, and one (limited edition) eyelash. You can see it here.