I like that Jill Stuart is welcoming customers to put a HKD800 deposit to redeem a makeover during the event. If only such services are available in Singapore. The only brand that I’ve seen it done is Chanel, as Sophia and I were eligible for one when we purchased from the Summer 2011 collection.

I’m eyeing (lol) the HKD590 (S$97~) Lush Eye Colors Kit. It includes a Prism Carat Eyes (HKD290), a Lasting Gel Eyeliner (HKD180), Eyeliner Brush (HKD120). You basically pay retail for the three products, and get their Makeup Remover (30ml), Cream Wash (30g), Mini Nail Polishes and a gorgeous round Drawstring Bag as your gift-with-purchase. Sweet deal. But do I need a gel eyeliner despite the very beautiful packaging? *cough*