A few days ago, a reader Raye requested for swatches of the Etude House Face Color Corset Blushers that I have in my collection. I first debuted the blushers here and they were about S$6 each if you buy them from Korea.

Now the question is: are they worth the Singapore retail prices? Etude House Singapore usually has some discount promo going on. In fact, they are having a storewide 30% discount on any item right now.

I love the heart motif packing and the nicely rounded case. In fact, they feel very nice in my hands, the round plastic lid closes securely and the blushers don’t feel as though they were made from cheap plastic.

Unfortunately it doesn’t say how much product you get.

Pan swatches.

You can see the corset imprint in detail below.
I was so hung up about the corset ‘fence’ imprint, I specially took more pictures of #5 Orange Mango Fit to show you. In fact, this is possibly the only blush I’d recommend anyone to purchase from the whole collection, based on finger swatches.


Color Descriptions

#2 Lavender Fit is a straight-up lilac blush. You can actually call it a very light lavender blush, and I know some of my friends on Twitter would love this blush for its purply tones. Swatches chalky, and is matteHighlighter

#3 Pink Girl Fit is a lilac-pink blush. Swatches chalky and is matte as well.Highlighter

#4 Pink Lady Fit is a coral-pink blush. Seriously, I feel very terrible at color descriptions. Took a few swipes to show an opaque finger swatch, is matte.Blush

#5 Orange Mango Fit is an orange blush. The best of the four, very smooth swatch and the color shows up immediately. Has slight glitter, hence a sheen.Blush


Texture: All four Etude House Face Color Corset Blushers applies smooth, with the exception of both #2 Lavender and #3 Pink Girl which kicked up more powder than the other two.

Pigmentation: #4 Pink Lady and #5 Orange Mango have better pigmentation, the latter being the best out of the four. I guess Etude House intended for #2 Lavender and #3 Pink Girl to be cheek highlighters or base colors, hence the lack of pigmentation.

Application: I had no problems picking up powder with my MAC 116 brush.

Lasting Power: Your average run-of-the-mill blush time.

Value for Money: To be honest, even if it’s S$6, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. You can get better quality for that amount. I have two blushers which cost me less than S$8 and they are fabulous in terms of pigmentation and texture. The colors are very wearable as well. More on that next.

This was taken by my Lumix (shitty-ass) camera and I now know better than to complain about the DSLR.

Final Thoughts: 

The Etude House Face Color Corset Blushers are really pretty in packaging, but in terms of blush quality and performance, disappointing. I’m wearing #5 Orange Mango Fit as I’m typing this review, and the color isn’t true to swatch. On me (NC15), it turned rather muddy and while it gives my face that ‘pop’ as the color is really quite bright in real-life, I don’t like it. Hard to blend out and unforgiving.

If you are looking for lilac or lavender blushers, I highly recommend the Candy Doll blushers. In fact, Peach Pink can be considered sheer, but it performs without being chalky or too harsh as a highlighter. You can check out my post on the Candy Doll blushers here.

Enjoy the weekend everyone, Monday comes along too soon.