I like the model’s look for this collection. She looks more matured and sophisticated, just right for Fall.

The star of Jill Stuart’s Fall collection would be their Prism Carat Eyes. A total of five shades at HKD290 each, it is a pot that contains an eye base (bottom) and a matching sparkly eye powder (top). This is the first time Jill Stuart has ventured out of their usual palettes and eye jellies products, and I can’t wait to get my paws on these.

I don’t fancy their Blush Blossoms as I think its quite messy to work with. Good news for my wallet though. I’ll probably add the Mix Blush Compact to my order as well, it has Jill Stuart’s signature that’s sadly just an overspray. Looks very pretty, but one swipe gone.

I’ve been eagerly looking forward to this email which Jill Stuart sends out to their members a few days before the official launch of the collection. You can probably guess why. The brand is usually generous with their GWP (gifts-with-purchase) but that is not the case for this particular collection. I can’t decide if I want the Makeup Box more or the Fragrance Atomizer, the latter looks so beautiful.

You can visit Yuki’s Lazy Channel for her comprehensive entry on the Jill Stuart 2011 Fall Collection here. Alice’s Blog also has an entry on the collection here and includes a very helpful eye swatch. I really cannot decide which of the Prism Carat Eyes to purchase, it seems that every duo is calling out to me.