I was very lucky to have snagged these babies for a sweet price from our local beauty sale community. The seller offered these three to me for S$60, which means I paid S$20 apiece for each BNIB item. Score!

Today I have for you the Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Colors. So very pretty in their little pots and being my first foray into Jill Stuart Eye products (oh the sacrilege!), I’m impressed with them.

I was certain the seller made a mistake by typing Jelly Eye Color N and Jelly Eye Color, but after googling, there is a Jelly Eye Color range. I cant find the Jelly Eye Color pots on the Jill Stuart website anymore though, they are probably either discontinued or only available at the counters.

I want to gush like a silly girl, but I shall retain my composure. The lids of the little pots are so pretty and princessy! *throws imaginary confetti*

I wish I could take them in full glory, but this is what you get with a DSLR. 😦

It’s a shame that Antique Amber is quite ordinary compared to its princessy counter-part, Crystal Sky. But I’m sure I’ll love them both the same.

Jelly Eye Color 10 Antique Amber on left, Jelly Eye Color N 08 Crystal Sky on right.

Antique Amber is bigger in size, though both contain 6g of product. I love Jill Stuart products as they come with a ‘J’ monogram, making it like my own personalized cosmetics lol. Cheap thrills FTW!

The Jill Stuart signature scent blasts your nostrils the minute you open the lids. Or to put it very princessyly, the delicate fragrance permeates the air once you open the pots. Or to put it bluntly, if you don’t like strongly-scented products, do not buy.

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color in 10 Antique Amber.

Antique Amber is gorgeous, and right up my alley as a neutral fiend. I wore this out and loved it! The fragrance didn’t bother me. In fact I’m very happy to use such a product and kept sniffing the air after I put the jelly on my lids.

Although the fragrance is rather strong at first, it fades away gradually with time. I was sorry to ‘smell’ it gone, probably as a novelty because not many of my cosmetics come scented. I like wearing Jill Stuart products one at a time, like laying the primer under my foundation. It’s like playing hide and seek with the senses as you catch a random whiff of it.

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N in 08 Crystal Sky.

I surprised myself for buying Crystal Sky, since I rarely venture out of my neutrals territory. But this is a really nice shade 🙂


Antique Amber is a slightly bronzed-peach, whereas Crystal Sky is a purple with grey tones. Both have beautiful flecks of silver glitter but doesn’t overwhelm the lids if you do a light wash of color.

I had so many swatch pictures that it was difficult deciding which to post, lol. You can see the depth and dimension of the glitters under different lighting. I took the pictures outside when it was stormy-cloudy. But these should give you an idea of how beautiful the silver glitter is.


Texture: I loved these Jelly Eye Colors. They are truly a jelly; the product wobbles and is squishy. It glides on smoothly onto my lids even without a primer and the glitter flecks is so fine that it doesn’t feel gritty.

Pigmentation: Very pigmented. You only require a small amount for the color to go on opaque. The color and glitter is very well mixed, you do not get too much glitter and not color with a swipe.

Application: Being a squishy jelly, I recommend using your fingers to pat the color on. If you try to smooth it over, the color will migrate. Also, it applies slightly wet so you will need time for the product to dry. I didn’t have issues wearing both colors on my lid, and use a MAC 217 brush to lightly blend the color upwards and ensure an even application.

Lasting Power: I wore Antique Amber out for a whole day, and I’m pleased to see the color still on my lids at the end of the day. Although it faded slightly, but that’s because I didn’t wear a primer underneath. Most importantly, once the jelly sets, the color does not budge. I wiped it and came away with minute glitter. Very impressive, seeing that the Illusions D’Ombres de Chanel had problems with smearing.

Value for Money: I cannot find Antique Amber on the website anymore, but the Jelly Eye Color N range comes in 13 permanent shades, at HKD170 each. With the strong dollar, it’s roughly S$27 per pot. And 6g will last you a super duper uber long time. Apart from that, it’s the least expensive compared to similar offerings from Chanel (S$52) and Giorgio Armani.

Final Thoughts:

I love having products of different textures. It spices up an otherwise boring routine, and I’m sure many ladies agree with me. These Jelly Eye Colors smell great and I enjoy playing with their squishy texture. Antique Amber looks great as a gentle all-over lid color, and I wear it with my Dolly Wink Liquid Eye Liner on my lashline. After using the MAC217 to blend, I find myself liking how the glitters twinkle back at me whenever I look in the mirror to check for smudging. Kinda like ‘stars on your eyelids’ you know?

The only drawback I can think of is its availability, or the lack thereof. Jill Stuart cosmetics can only be found in Hong Kong, Taiwan or Japan. You can find their products online, however at much higher prices. I totally recommend these to anyone looking into Jill Stuart, and would be getting the rest of the permanent shades on my next Hong Kong trip. Speaking of which, their Fall collection (TBL 4 August) is another release that I’m eager for.

Jill Stuart never fails to get a rise out of my inner girly girl with its princessy packaging and beautiful, delicate products. I hope you enjoy this entry and have a good weekend ahead 🙂