I never did mention that I had two of these palettes lying around (collecting dust boo!) in my drawers did I? Thanks to Carrie who got them for me a few months ago, I finally broke into the breathtaking beauty palette and decided to play around with the shadows.

I’m improving by leaps and bounds I reckon, since I actually had on two eye looks today! A far cry from when I was adamant on not putting anything on my eyes.

The palette itself is rather small, I don’t know how to describe it but mayhaps the size of a notebook. Very convenient to be toted around as the cover is of sturdy cardboard (or a hybrid?) but I wouldn’t suggest doing so, since it comes only with a flimsy, thin plastic sheet for you to put over your pan. Which does absolutely nothing if you accidentally knocked your shadows around and your bag will be in a mess.

It includes an All Over Shimmer Powder in Kitten: a highlighter, brow-lighter, base, whatever floats your fancy. And a ‘breathtaking’ convertible color which you can use as a blush, but I stay away from such things as I have a suspicion that it will gloop up.

Instructions to achieving the look, very easy to follow really. Just three simple steps to a fool-proof look, but I think everyone has a preference for what they want to see on their lids so feel free to indulge.

Color descriptions and swatches:

So the first row (pictured above) comprises of three shades that one can make use of to achieve the look that is described on the fold of the palette. The colors turned out warm on me.

  • cinema – pale nude
  • best picture – shimmery lavender
  • film – black with shimmer

Be warned though, both liner shades (film & drama) are glittery and swatch terribly.

The second row of the eye shadows (below) make for a cooler look on me.

  • academy – pale gold
  • theater – shimmery brown
  • drama – rich purple

Again, both liner shades (drama & film) are glittery and terrible to swatch.

Here is a swatch of the six eye shadows:


Of all, film and drama are the least pigmented, which is a shame as they are liner shades with a bit of glitter mixed in it. Academy has the best pigmentation and application, glides on really smoothly and shows up well. It is a possible dupe for the MAC Ploof! shadow. You can mix and match the colors to your fancy and this palette is really versatile for a smoky-grey-brown look, just that the rest of the colors would need a base to turn up well. Liner shades are sadly, a miss. They didn’t show up at all on my lids.

On another note, I love the Stila Lip Glaze in Guava. It is the perfect gloss for me, diminishes all lip lines and trust me, my lips looked absolutely plump and glossy with it, a MLBB color though very sticky. Do not underestimate the stickyness of the lipglaze; it stays on forever and I needed a lip remover to clean it off.

No swatches of the All Over Shimmer Powder in Kitten as I’ll be reviewing a couple more palettes that have Kitten in them as well, so I’ll just insert a link in this entry then. The convertible color is a mess and I have half a mind to dig it all up, lest my shadows get stuck on the cream surface and my OCD goes haywire again. Or maybe a depot would help.


I think this palette for USD25 is a good thing to have, but not a must-have, seeing that two out of the six shades included have terrible pigmentation. Otherwise, you can do a pretty decent look with this breathtaking beauty palette, depending if you prefer warmer or cooler grey looks and top it off with loads of black mascara and the guava lip glaze. I am in love with the lip glaze already, haha. Absolutely gorgeous color for me.

I love the fact that it comes with easy-as-hell instructions, and a MAC 217 brush is all you need with this palette to come up with a completed eye look. Apart from the irony that there is no blush (I don’t fancy digging my fingers into the convertible color, sorry!), this is a good basic palette for practice. I know I will be experimenting with mine for the days ahead, since I haven’t quite figured out which type of eye shadow application I would suit. Creases are confusing things and puffy eyelids are woeful =(

Have a great mid-week and off I go to Sephora, *waves*