I’m back with a review of the MUFE blush as promised! But before I begin, don’t you just love racy names that cosmetic companies come up with?

I purchased this for S$25 online, together with my Ecotools 5 pcs brush set. Saving me quite a sum of money if I were to get it in Sephora Singapore.

Karla Sugar has a great swatch (as always) on the HD Blush range for comparisons. I decided on #5 Nip Slip without much hesitation as it is a great color for fair NC15-25 skintones.

One gripe that I have with the product is its packaging. I typically pump once and the amount dispensed is enough for a light pat of both cheeks, but look at what is left on the nozzle! More than enough for two applications and so not efficient for a brand like Make Up For Ever.

Now for swatches, but I’m not very pleased with what I have so I might retake the pictures as the sun decided to go into hiding when I tried to take pictures.


The MUFE HD Blush in #5 Nip Slip is a delicate mix of blue-pink and blends out matte. The cream formula is slightly more difficult to blend than the Canmake Cream Cheeks as the MUFE turned out sticky, whereas the Cream Cheeks did not. It is reported to last very long but on me, not more than half a day. I had it when I left my home for the office, and it disappeared after lunch. However this might not be the case for you as I theorized that my skin loves to ‘eat’ makeup, despite base and whatnot underneath.

The point to make is that the formula is rather sticky and that will make it a bit of work to blend out, and I feel it will definitely muss if you spread it out instead of patting it on. Do not try to use a brush with this, the blush will spread and go icky all over.

I wouldn’t recommend this if you have a choice, the Canmake Cream Cheeks are way better in terms of formula and if you are looking for a matte blue-pink cream blusher, try the Canmake one in #09 Pinky Rose. I have a post on #01 Peach Dream here : it is not a peach and more cool-toned than #5 Nip Slip and has slight silver shimmers in it.