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Hi everyone, I had a great weekend that was a great experience for my stomach and the fact that I need to detox for three days starting this week, lol. I came home with presents from the girlfriend HT who returned from an awesome two-week road trip around Korea, as well as a friend who went to the US and got me some drugstore blushers.

The HANSKIN hand cream has the same formula as my Bihada Ichizoku moisturizer: they both evaporate into water upon contact with the skin. It smelt absolutely lovely and very handy when I had to take the MRT home after dinner at Shi Gaek with Luna last night. Speaking of which, my bag still smells of pork belly (lol) and I have no idea how to remove the stink, aish.

The Tony Moly Honey masks have eye patches in them and I can’t wait to try it out. My lids are looking as swollen and puffy as ever =(

It was really funny how he went to the US for vacation and then texted me to ask if I wanted anything from Sephora or Giorgio Armani (my obsession then) as he checked out the map and everything was within a 10-minute walk. I bet it was confusing for him to go to the drugstore and get makeup but I’m very thankful for these NYC Creme Sticks.

I like that it comes with those ‘zippered’ packaging that ensures the product isn’t tampered with, and its easy for me to tear open without having to bother with scissors.

You get 8g of product for USD3.99. And this will last you forever.

The NYC blushable Creme Sticks swatch beautifully, the picture below shows a single swipe and they glide on without tugging on my skin.

Plaza Pink / South Street Seashell / Big Apple ♥ I have this image of Hello Kitty as I type ‘big apple’ lol.

Will do a review on these separately once I wear them out, but first impressions are that they are of superb quality. Jennifer has a review on Plaza Pink that you can check it out here in the meantime.