I just received my debit card bill in the mail and saw these two and thus remembered about them. I purchased these some time ago and I wouldn’t say I am disappointed with them (as they came quite highly raved), more like surprised.

I spent a memorable time washing out the Ecotool brushes which felt so uber soft but smell uber bad as well – like strong sulphuric acid with a puke-inducing sourness. You get the idea. I had to fill a plastic container with very generous splashes of MAC’s Brush Cleanser, prop all four brushes upright and soak them for 30 mins before rinsing them out and repeating the process. And they still smell bad, just not so distinctly when I bring it near my face.

And doesn’t anyone else find it hilarious when the kit is a ‘5 pcs’ set and you only get four brushes? I was wondering if the seller forgot the fifth brush, when I read the description on the back that the pouch accounts for a place in the kit. *facepalm*

I havent been using any brush except the blush brush, but it isn’t exactly ‘wow’ for me apart from how soft the bristles are. It’s quite dense, and I think I might have to stick with a smaller brush since I tend to swipe very hard. Review of the MUFE HD Blush in #5 Nip Slip to come, as soon as I get daylight to take my pictures~ Have a great mid-week!