1. I had my first experience with big-eye (I’m sure there’s a proper term for it but IDK what is) contacts on Saturday night when I decided to not be boring for once and ahead out to Winebar.  Since I’ve always wore my specs, I think my friends were happy since I finally came out of my shell and stopped being lazy. Though I  wondered why I reached for my MAC 15-pan palette instead of the safe, color-coordinated quads that I have. The combination of Naked Lunch, Woodwinked and the Gold Dusk (pigment) was kind of weird…

2.  My Dolly Wink Black Liquid Liner is behaving weirdly (does not dispense ink) and methinks its on its last legs. This calls for a JPMon order, heh. Finally can get the EyeAmazing blushers that  I’ve been eyeing, lol.

3. Thanks to the extremely strong aircon over our table last night, my right lense fell out and I couldnt be bothered to put it back. This morning, a glass from Winebar is sitting on my desk containing both my lenses. *facepalm*

4. I think my alcohol limit is probably around a Jäger, a whiskey dry, and maybe six straight shots of apple shooters, sour plum and some soursop thingy. I really like the soursop concoction, very nice! Sour plum on the other hand, very yucky. If you give them all to me without seeing any action on the dancefloor, its time for bed, especially when I’m dizzy cos I can’t frikkin see out of my right eye.

Which explains why I got home at 2 in the morning, dizzy and sleepy.

5. Brunch at Epicurious was great, I loved what Luna had, which was some cheesy, calorie-inducing egg with hamd dish that oddly resembled a
crème brûlée. We missed out on their Eggs Benedict and I’m determined to try it for myself this Sunday when I visit with my girlfriends.

6. It was brush-washing day on Monday and I’m so pleased to have clean brushes to play with.

I loved the ELF Studio brushes Carrie sent me (thank you hon ♥). Strangely enough, the Blush Brush was an absolute breeze to work with, as compared to the MAC 116 that I’ve had for months now. I picked up the ELF brush and was able to just swipe on my blusher confidently, whereas I still feel a sense of impending doom whenever I use the 116.

Speaking of brushes, the ladies on Twitter and I had an intense conversation over the brushes by Lunasol, Shu Uemura and Suqqu. Having tried Lunasol’s on Sunday when Luna and I headed off for some leisure-time and shopping, I ‘casually’ used its blush brush (S$82) while applying the Shading Cheeks 01 (which I eventually bought) and was hooked on how bloody soft the bristles were and applying the contouring shade was not scary at all, even for a greenhorn like me. The color went on effortlessly, and methinks its due to the poor squirrels who had to ‘donate’ their fur for ’em brushes. =((

I honestly think that after trying out MAC and Sigma and ELF, nothing beats the luxurious quality of Japanese-made brushes and their durability to withstand wear-and-tear. The former three make very good basic brushes that are great for everyday use, the kind that I wont fuss if I accidentally drop them on the floor or had an accident with it. I used to think MAC brushes were expensive (they are in Singapore) but I’m now seeing expensive makeup brushes in another light. We’ll see.

7. I have two epic posts coming up but the sunlight is not cooperating, or maybe just my camera isn’t. Stay tuned and thank you for the comments, I really appreciate them. Enjoy the week everyone!