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I picked these babies up from L who kindly included me in her orders, while the Holika Holika White Egg Soap was an extra she had in her stash and now it’s mine! We spent quite a funny time in Daiso looking for an appropriate soap dish (which turned out futile btw), most designers seem to not have anticipated egg-shaped soaps appearing on the market, lol.

The Illamasqua blushers in Katie / Hussy / Tremble were purchased quite some time ago during their 20% off event. Eagerly looking forward to their next discount code as I now have a long list of blushers that I want from the brand to complete my collection.

I ordered the Paula’s Choice 2% BHA gel as it came highly recommended, and also the fine-print mentioned that it’s Rosecea-friendly too. Haven’t got to using it last night as I intended, was so tired that I fell asleep promptly with my makeup on before I jerked awake to remove it (and collapsing thereafter).

Oh, L had a 15% discount code for the Paula’s Choice and after shipping from Vpost (we ordered from the US site), I bought the 2% BHA gel for S$22. Cheaper than local retail prices, yay! I have lots of hope for the gel to exfoliate and scars begone *victory sign*