Hi everyone, I was away on a trip to Hong Kong in mid-May and you bet I came back with lots of goodies. Though some (or most, being modest) are CP requests for friends and family, my personal loot came up to quite a bit and hence I’ll be splitting it up so that I don’t drown myself editing pictures.

I’m trying out a new shutter mode without flash, so I hope the pictures look okay. I don’t know if forking out a gross sum of money to make my pictures look better automatically (without having to fiddle with the different settings) is wise, but we shall see.

I present to you, my personal mask haul:

I had a request from L to get her a box each of the My Beauty Diary masks in Earl Grey Tea & Macaroons and Chocolate Truffle (both are Limited Edition) and I decided to get two boxes each, one set for myself and another to give away as presents. I paid HKD69 per box, which is about S$11 for a box of 10 sheets. After using the Earl Grey Tea & Macaroons, I sorely regretted not hauling back more. Read here for a tiny review on them.

The Kao eye masks are a random purchase at a SASA warehouse store somewhere in Hong Kong the first night, I cannot remember the prices but they should be around the same price as the My Beauty Diary ones. Have yet to try them out yet, but the saleslady had great feedback on them. To be honest, to have something that self-heats to 40 degrees on my eyes is quite scary. I keep having weird thoughts that the masks would explode :S

There’s a promo in SASA whereby one can also purchase the My Beauty Diary Sweet Teatime Mini Set for HKD39 if you have two boxes of masks in your order as well. I got myself a box which contains a single sheet of the Earl Grey Tea & Macaroons and the Chocolate Truffle masks, as well as a deluxe sample of the My Beauty Diary’s Vanilla Face Souffle and the Strawberry Yogurt Amino Acid Cleanser.

I thought the set was really cute and would make a great present, hence I got another for L, also to thank her for her help with my Korea CP (see here). My Beauty Diary is now venturing into their own skincare range, and MusingsofaMuse has got reviews up already on the individual products.

I had to use a large rectangular cloth bag (which was given to me as part of a shoe purchase) to carry the eight boxes of masks onboard, shoe box included. And I dont regret it a single bit. Luna loved the Earl Grey & Macaroons one as well, and I’ll be following up with a proper review myself, with my sisters’ comments thrown in for good measure.

Seems that I have been bitten by the blogging bug, have one scheduled post down pat and this would make another. Hopefully this fervor continues and the rest of my stash will see the light of the day, yay!