I hope the entry on the Lunasol Summer 2011 has managed to tempt some of you ladies to ‘venture’ into the world of Lunasol, heh. Today I have for you the review on the Holika Holika HD Skinny Pact that I promised earlier. The review on its counterpart, the HD Skinny Foundation, can be found here. I’ve been using (and loving) ’em both for more than a week now, fingers crossed that the love doesn’t stray!

As previously mentioned, I purchased the compact on Gmarket and it currently retails in Singapore for S$45, and is one of their bestsellers. I thought it would make a good touch-up powder, since I only have loose powders in my stash, but that has since changed, lol.

I got 01 for both the Skinny Foundation and the Pact. I would think the shades correspond accordingly, but you would have to swatch again to make sure. It comes with a sponge/thin puff to make touch-ups convenient, but I don’t touch-up at all during the day since my skin doesn’t oil up for at least 8-10 hours.

I use the powder with my Sigma face brush like I do with my loose powders to set the foundation instead. I very much prefer this way as I feel the coverage is more ‘light’ and ‘even’ with a brush, since I tend to press too hard with a sponge.

The compact comes with a lovely imprint of pebbles and their brand name, Holika Holika.

Now for swatches:

The Skinny Pact, like its counterpart, is a yellow-tone powder.

You can see the yellow-ness on the brush more clearly. I use one swipe for half my face. You don’t need a lot of this to begin with, I’ll tell you why later.

On top of the HD Skinny Foundation:

I feel that the compact powder tones down the ‘yellow-ness’ of the foundation and hence, less ‘artificial’. I think I look very ‘made up’ when my foundation goes on matte.


I have gone on and on about the HD Skinny Foundation and the Skinny Pact combination in the earlier entry (see here), so I’m just gonna sum it up into a sentence.

‘Great coverage for redness/veins, need concealer for deep pore craters/pimple marks/acne scars and the like, wears well without oxidizing, don’t know how true is the HD factor, looks matte and slightly ‘made up’ but still a staple in my stash and smells good (only for 30 mins) too’

I find myself reaching for it in the mornings, probably because it’s really fuss-free and gets my base makeup done in less than five minutes flat for ’em two, without primer/bb cream/concealer of course. It is super comfortable on my skin and wears very gently and I don’t feel that I have anything on my face at all, apart from my only complaint that my face looks ‘flat like a pancake’ but my friends think I’m over-reacting. I just need a highlighter that’s all, lol. If you ever wonder which brand to try out from Korea, I highly recommend Holika Holika. It’s really unique and the packaging (though the Skinny Pact comes in not-so-sturdy plastic) is so hocus-pocusy.

I’m itching to see what other products Holika Holika has to offer for their stores in Korea, as the one in Singapore is definitely not well-stocked and items sell out very quickly. I visited again with Luna and had a *facepalm* moment when I saw that the Baby Bloom range had its own loose powder and two of the Petite BB Cream range had sold out already. The sole seller on Gmarket has an extremely limited range to choose from as well. I shall save the experience when I visit Korea for myself then *winks*

I hope this and the other entry on the HD Skinny Foundation helped somebody, it’s mid-week so hang in there!