Okay I probably sound like I’m getting whimsical over something that is geographically impossible in Singapore (our island is so small, you will eventually end up somewhere) but for the first time in a long long time, I got on a vehicle that I didn’t know where I would be stopping at. And this feeling of adventure is again, a first. Because I’m most definitely not known as a ‘risk-taker’, even though we are talking about a journey of say, 30 minutes on an island that one would take two hours to travel from an end to the other.

The point here is not about me not being familiar with bus routes because I’ve been far too indulgent with mass transportation or singularly effective vehicles, but I digress.

Imagine yourself not in small, sunny Singapore, but in a country where dreams of doing a cross-country drive across scenic plains and unmarked forests are possible. And you don’t know where, what, who, when, you only know that you will get to your final destination, eventually, and somehow.

The feeling of the unknown shakes even the most practical and well-plodded minds, I’m just happy that its excitement, thrill and anticipation that accompanies, for the day you fear the unknown is when you are too old and too settled to ever feel young again.