I thought to break the monotony in review posts by taking pictures of the Lunasol Summer2011  collection that a friend had kindly CP’ed for me and Luna from Korea’s DFS. Again, I’m grateful to have friends who go the extra mile (above and beyond, lol) to get stuff for me and entertain my last minute requests. This friend was already in Korea for work when I texted to ask if she could get me the items on her next trip. Even though she wouldn’t ever read my blog, but expressing gratitude for help rendered never hurt.

I took the pictures this rainy afternoon, so the lighting wasn’t in the best conditions.

You can see the entire collection here on the brand’s website. I would think it’s a small collection with only two eye quads and a single blusher. Due to a tiny miscommunication, Luna had to get her EX-01 Shelly Ocean from the counter in Singapore as my friend thought I wanted only a EX-01 and EX-02 each.

I did not think about EX-02 Vacation Ocean at all because I reckon blue shadows are not my ‘style’, but after seeing Eileen’s LOTDs on them, I feel myself caving. In Luna’s words: Resistance is futile. We’ll see.

I read that the compact case designs for the eyeshadow quads are unique to this collection. Anyhow, the Lunasol Summer 2011 is Limited Edition, so you know what this means.

EX-01 Shelly Ocean.

I purchased this for USD42 (S$77 in Singapore), as Lunasol has a 15% (roughly) discount in Korea’s DFS. And on new collections as well, yay!

I guess I’m past beyond the point of quantity being a benchmark of a product worth buying, because I’ll never be able to finish anything. But for those who are new to the brand, the EX-01 Shelly Ocean contains 7g worth of shadows. And Eileen says they are the best that Lunasol has put out so far, and I’m inclined to agree with her, despite this being my first-ever Lunasol purchase. I swatched the collection along with their older releases, and boy, the quality is really different. Buttery smooth and pigmented for once, since Lunasol usually does ‘sheer’ and ‘glittery’ (or shimmery) shadows.

This is the only blusher in the collection, EX-02 Clear Coral Pink. Not to be confused with the eye quad, EX-02 Vacation Ocean.

My camera does wonky things, now that I’m not shooting in ‘A’ mode (I have no idea what that means anyways) and the pink looks neon, lol. It’s a thin overspray so I’m prepared to say goodbye to it after the first application.

Why oh why do cosmetic companies do this to us? *sadface*

Again, past the point where I actually care about using up my blushers, but you get 10g of product for this. I purchased it for USD24 (S$39 in Singapore) and it comes in a hard-cover plastic compact, which is accident-prone if you ask me. Do not ever leave your cosmetics in refill cases, one fine day something will happen and you will cry.

No special design for this blusher though. I paid USD15 for the regular blush compact.

Spot the accident? I mussed up my blush pan while trying to make sure the refill sat securely into the compact, aish.

The brush was purchased at USD9. I didn’t know about Lunasol selling their blushers in refills and thought I was getting the whole ‘blush in compact and brush’ deal. No complains though, since its my first blush compact from Lunasol. Always good to have a complete set, heh.

I can’t decide if I’m actually gonna be heartbroken at mussing up all the overspray, or am indifferent to it. Anyhow, I’m glad to add these to my collection, they are a good introduction into the Lunasol brand. And after lemming after it since the start of the year when promotional images first came out.

My friend got me their Makeup Remover which comes in a set of three as a Traveler’s Exclusive at USD26. Luna was very kind to leave me two, wouldn’t be able to split the three equally, haha. I tried it at the Lunasol counter as well, and even though I dislike biphasic cleansers, the Lunasol one does not leave an oily residue and smells strangely like Paul & Joe’s signature orange scent.

It came with a deluxe sample of the Lunasol Water Gel Foundation.

Here’s the pricelist of the Lunasol Summer 2011 Collection if you purchase it at Korea’s DFS, compared to the local retail prices in Singapore.

  1. EX-01 Shelly Ocean USD42 (S$54+) / S$77
  2. EX-02 Clear Coral Pink USD24 (S$31+) / S$39
  3. EX-02 Clear Coral Pink (Complete Set) USD48 (S$61.5+) / S$80
Prices in USD are after a rough 10-15% discount. It will vary on individual product. If you are traveling to Korea or have anyone returning, it’s worth the trouble to ask for a CP as the savings are quite substantial.