Hi everyone, I hope the week has been good. Finally got down to taking pictures of the Holika Holika base makeup that I’ve been using for a week, so here we go with a review on the HD Skinny Foundation (SPF15 PA+). I initially wanted to do a combined review of both the HD Skinny Foundation and its counterpart, the HD Skinny Pact, but I realized the entry was already quite long even before I start on the compact, hence I split it up.

How I got to using the HD Skinny Foundation is a story in itself, see here. I purchased the HD Skinny Foundation during Holika Holika’s BOGO promotion, and got the HD Skinny Pact on Gmarket. The compact is touted as their bestseller, and is priced at S$45. The foundation retails for S$37 and both items come in two shades. I’m a sucker to get the entire product range once I start with something, hence you know *shrugs*

You get 35ml worth of liquid foundation for your S$37. A little goes a long way with this product, it is very runny but yet has good coverage.

I did not use any primer underneath because I figured a combined SPF of 42 would be good enough to tide me through the sun rays. And partly because I’m just too lazy to go another extra step, lol.

I’ll show swatches first before I talk more about the product and how it works for me.

The Holika Holika HD Skinny Foundation is definitely a yellow-tone foundation, no hint of pink tones whatsoever. So if you need pink, this is not for you. Try their Baby Bloom range instead.

This is how it looks after some time to settle into my skin.

One thing that I really dont like about the product is its packaging. You can see in the photograph below that it comes in those nozzle types, but it is a loose fit (i.e. the liquid flows out very easily). And usually after I give it a shake of sorts to mix up the foundation, I end up with this:

I really waste quite a bit of product each time before and after I use the foundation. And you know a little goes a long way to finishing that 35ml. I have too much of an OCD to not wipe the split liquid away.

Do not squeeze the bottle thinking to get the liquid out. It will have an internal explosion I tell you.

And it gets on the cap!

And now for a blended swatch:


I really like the Holika Holika HD Skinny Foundation, the coverage is sufficient to cover mild redness (I have Rosecea and veins on the sides of my nose) and to a certain degree, my eyebags. I find it very easy to blend despite its runny formula, as the liquid doesn’t get everywhere on my skin. However, if you have acne scars, marks, blemishes, potholes or craters, you definitely need a concealer or something for your pores, especially if they are deep.

The foundation wears extremely well too. Without primer, it took me through a whole day (and night) with lots of perspiration without turning ashy. Granted though, after I left Butter last night, the foundation mostly melted away or got wiped off. No issues here with me about oxidization, although I do not have oily skin so that might differ for some of you.

However, I look very matte with the foundation (as flat as a pancake -_-) and you know I prefer dewy, glowy skin. My friends have kindly supplied the fact that HD foundations (e.g. the MUFE ones) are glowy in nature, yet I most definitely look matte. After taking a close look at my arm, I could almost see an extremely slight hint of dewy going on, but I would say the effect is discernible on the face.

I’ll give a final verdict once I get the other entry on the HD Skinny Pact up, but I certainly would recommend the HD Skinny Foundation by itself to anyone looking for something new from Holika Holika to try out. Has great coverage, easy to blend and wears well without oxidizing, awesome much :O

The other thing to note about this foundation is that it comes scented. All Holika Holika products have a scent unique to themselves. Even as the HD Skinny Foundation and the HD Skinny Pact are from the same range, they both smell different. The foundation has a stronger scent as compared to the pact, but again, unnoticeable after you apply onto your face.

Till the next entry then, *waves*