Do I see a fight-off on Summer 2011’s highly popular neutral themes?

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Dont you agree that they look rather similar except for the finish? The Giorgio Armani retails at US$59 (ouch!) whereas the Lancome retails at US$42. But I think I should have had enough of neutrals already, seeing that I’m adding quite a few to my collection by next week. Shall attempt resistance before I do something really crazy *ahem*

KX was saying how I don’t do reviews of the stuff I bought anymore now, so I hope to correct that with a Holika Holika base makeup review this weekend. Seeing how I’ve used (and loved) the products that I purchased, it’s only fitting that I write one.

Have a happy mid-week everyone, I managed to sprain my right foot (caught it in a small drainage gate on a rainy Sunday) and now my neck, feeling extremely under the weather, gah.