1. I still haven’t found a liquid eyeliner that I REALLY love.  The Dolly Wink is good, but not great. I’ve tried the MAC Super Slick (too wet), the other MAC liner that the gf gave me is  also not fantastic .  My drawing skills definitely warrant practice, and safe to say, I’m better off with a pencil liner.  Can’t wait to try out the Giorgio Armani one I got.

2. I  discovered a penchant for drawing my brows: thanks to the amazing Armani SA who turned out to be their  counter manager. And I’ve been loving the Benefit Birthday Suit + Dolly Wink Black Pencil liner as a great day look. Gorgeous.

3.  The gf is flying off to HK again & I made a reservation for five ETKs and a request for the Heat quad, which I  stupidly did not buy when it was in stock two weeks ago.  Fingers crossed that I will not add any more ETKs to the list (#7/#8/#5) and the SA manages to get my quad(s) in time.

In other news, Im finally venturing out of my comfort zone and next up would be lenses which I find are too cumbersome, but otherwise weird without when one wears full-face makeup.  A friend managed to get the Lunasol Summer palettes for me and another lady from Korea’s DFS, can’t wait to lay my hands on those. I hope the Summer blusher does not disappoint as  I read on Twitter that Lunasol blushers are not exactly their forte, but we’ll see =)