Hi everyone, I wanted to post a review (with pictures) of the Holika Holika items, but seeing that I’m currently stuck somewhere without photoscape, I guess a literature review will do, lol.

I tried out the Shu Uemura UV Base in Pink together with the Baby Bloom Foundation. Initially I looked ghostly pale with the Dior concealer, I think I should have swapped the Shu Uemura for their own Dewy Veil Primer, too much pink going on. But nonetheless, I loved how my skin looked despite going OD on the Mighty Aphrodite blusher. I didn’t have a handy penknife with me, hence there was no using the Star Lights Shimmer Powder that night.

It was makeup Tuesday night as I had my eyebrows drawn and some shaky-ass eyeliner going on. Went to a very nice hotel for buffet dinner and the folks enjoyed themselves (at my expense, lol) and the food was fine, even if I had only two servings of cream’ed broccoli and cheese. Still feeling shitty and the lungs are about to give out.

Yesterday I was intending to wear the Dewy Veil Primer together with the Baby Bloom Foundation (seeing that I dont want to have too many opened base products) but blur me took the wrong box and ended up squeezing the HD Skinny Foundation on the back of my hand. Didn’t even realize until I saw the colored liquid spilling out. So, in the spirit of beauty blogging, I wore the HD Skinny Foundation together with its counterpart, the HD Skinny Compact out and I’m so impressed by how the foundation held up till late at night. I didn’t wear concealer so the bigger scars/pores/discolorations could still be seen, but for the rest of my skin, it looks pretty good.

And oh, I slapped on the My Beauty Diary sheet mask in Earl Grey Tea & Macaron the night before (which is on Tuesday night) I used the HD Skinny Foundation and I swear by that brand now. My pores literally shrunk twice their size and my Rosecea was so much better. Probably thanks to the ‘Clarifying’ effect, it’s been day two and my pores are slowly enlarging, but the mask is really great stuff! I have another box in Chocolate Truffle (damm yummy!) to try out and I’ve high hopes for the brand.

*sees self hauling 10 boxes of masks back from Hong Kong*

I’ll b updating the post later when I’m home with the product pictures, if anyone’s curious about the Holika Holika products, just shout in the comments and I’ll try to get a review up. And btw, the ladies on Twitter mentioned that the BOGO deal for Holika Holika is set to extend for the whole of the GSS period and they will restock, so you know what this means *grins*. Have a great day everyone, the weekend is drawing near!