Hello there! It’s been nearly a month since I last posted and I hope everyone is fine and all. I just came back from Hong Kong last week and unfortunately, the air quality did not agree with me. A nasty throat infection which slowly but surely evolved to a low-grade fever left me weak. But no matter, I stepped out last night for abit to pass L her stuff I got her from Hong Kong and chanced upon Holika Holika’s amazing ‘Buy 1 Get 1’ deal (which ended as of yesterday :S) and bought a couple of things for myself.

Here’s what I came home with.

To be exact, two BB Creams, two Foundies, a Loose Powder and a Moisturizing Primer. Ahhh, moment of weakness, but I saved quite a bit of money there. Or should I say the equivalent of getting the products from Korea, plus I could test the colors and judge them for myself.

I’ll talk more about each product when I (ever get the chance to) review them on the blog.

These Petite BB Creams are a darling to have. Retailing at S$14.50 each, they come in different types to suit your skin concern. I already have a ‘Watery’ one given to me as a freebie from my last Gmarket purchase, so I decided to pick up these two to try out. I find that the formula is very blendable and fluid, very good for mornings when you are in a rush to put on makeup. However, note that the SPF value differs for each type and the color too. ‘Moisture’ was a little grey compared to ‘Shimmering’. The SA told me that ‘Shimmering’ was a popular choice and stocks only arrived yesterday.

I paid S$7.25 for each BB cream during the promo, which is a steal. I regretted not picking up a few more as I think they make good little gifts for girlfriends and I really like the formula.

I was only intending to get the HD Skinny Foundation (S$37.50) and the Baby Bloom Foundation (S$27.50) at first. To be honest, BB Creams and Foundations are blurring the line for me, I cannot tell the difference when I apply them both. After a failed trip in Hong Kong to get a high-end foundation (due to the unfortunate fact that I’m stuck between shades), I decided that BB Creams would be my best friend instead. I dont know how true is the claim that they ‘adjust to your skintone’, but I guess majority of BB Creams work out for me.

Going back to the products, it was fine and dandy until I saw the Star Lights Shimmering Powder (S$30) and proceed to dust it over my face to set the foundation. Viola, I was sold. The powder is pink and has very tiny glitter(?) particles in it and I love how it brightened up my complexion. The Star Lights Shimmering Powder comes in purple too, but the one in pink complements the Baby Bloom Foundation. And you all know I’m a sucker for matchy-matchy items.

I also got the Dewy Veil Primer (S$30) as my skin is a war-zone right now. Icky little pimples are popping out and the skin around my nose is peeling. So a little moisture hurts no one right, lol. The SA tempted me further by saying this primer is a top-seller for Holika Holika too.

For the lot, I paid S$67 for all four products. I saw the Peach Girl BB Cream I asked L to CP retailing for S$32.50, which is roughly twice the price of what it sells for in Korea. So basically with the BOGO offer, I’m just paying the Korean retail price. Not bad at all. Holika Holika products are very finely made and they come softly scented.

Also, in case I don’t get to review the products, the Baby Bloom range is targeted for sensitive skin and for ladies who want a sheer, baby-like coverage. I liked how it looks on me, but I purchased the HD Skinny as well as the coverage is stronger and helps to minimize pores and acne scars better. The Baby Bloom would require concealer to make it work, but the shade is better suited for me. The HD Skinny foundie is slightly matte, but it’s coverage is amazing.

Samples of their Apple Scrub, Honey Masks, Mascara and a raven wing pen.

Before I sign off, here’s a picture of my Holika Holika collection. They are really quality products and I kinda like the dark image they portray, lol.

Have a great Friday everyone, I’ll be replying to comments later. Really sorry about the lapse in correspondence, but I will keep up from now on.