is not funny at all. 😦

“Rosacea is a very distinctive skin problem of the face identified at first by a characteristic pattern of redness which often appears in a butterfly pattern over the nose and cheeks. In the beginning this “blushing” can be intermittent, but eventually, it almost always increases in severity, sensitivity, and can be accompanied by rashes, enlarged pores, blemishes, and noticeable surfaced capillaries.

Until your rosacea is under control, you may want to avoid all sources of flare-ups, including strenuous exercise, cooking over a hot stove, spending too much time outdoors when the weather is summer-hot or winter-cold, alcohol consumption, or anything that causes your skin to feel hot and redden. As much as possible, try to minimize sources of stress”

– taken from Paula’s Choice SG website. Please refer to the full-page article here.