I know I know, it’s really crazy. But I havent had a proper day out shopping, all I did this week was 1. working 2. swimming 3. blogging. 4. online lemming. So I think I can get away with these right? :/

Oh, these are the new Canmake blush duos that got a few of us quite excited! They are retailing at S$18.90 but you can purchase them at S$16.90 at Watsons currently. The blushers remind me of the Jill Stuart Mixed Blush Compacts, hmmm. Right down to the angular edges of the blush pans.

The picture’s a little dark, but you can see the different tones of pinks and apricot and peaches clearly.

Run ladies! You should totally get your paws on these. And try not to buy all four of them, I just have an obsession with collecting things.

I got these from John Little after seeing Cindy’s with hers and boy, you should also run to the store and get them. They are the cheapest blushers I own, at S$7.90 but I paid only S$6.30 for each one as there was a 20% promotion happening. Some lady kindly allowed me to tag on her member card (as I forgot mine) and I saved like three bucks on these.

I swatched them with the testers and the colors are pigmented and have a sort of sheen to them. Very beautiful. Thanks Cindy for the recommendation!

I was at Etude House with L and the store was having a direct 30% discount off all items, till tomorrow 30 April 2011 only. I snagged two blushers for myself, one of them being their best-seller – the 03 Orange Cookie. The range is called ‘Lovely Cookie Blusher’ and retails at S$15.90 originally. I paid about S$11 for each one and they go for S$8 in Korea.

Excuse me while I *jawdrop* at how cheap quality cosmetics is in Korea.

The SA was very generous (by Singapore’s standards!) and gave me a few samples and freebies. The panda is actually a mirror, and I really appreciate the eye and lip makeup removers. Can never get enough of these highly-consumable products.