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Greetings!  I’m going to make this a quick post as I have another PROJECT: ABAD entry coming right up 😀

This entry accounts for my second and third boxes from Carrie ^_^

What do you think they are? Your guess is as good as mine is XD

Tada! The Tokidoki Skate Girl blushers! We got a total of five of these babies.

I loved the illustrations so much, I just had to post a second picture.

The Tokidoki Skate Girl reminds me of the NARS Sex Appeal and the NARS Deep Throat respectively. The two sides of the Skate Girl has fine shimmers, whereas Sex Appeal goes on totally matte. Deep Throat could be slightly darker whereas Super Orgasm needs to go on lighter.

P.S. Elaine will be reviewing this blush during her Project: ABAD challenge, so keep a lookout for it on her blog!

These belongs to the beauty babes. Arent the eyeshadow palettes so cute?

A (half-complete) family portrait.

Here is what’s in the other package.

I have another Sephora order that’s pending mailing, and isn’t the Hello Kitty Brush Set so cute? *dies* That belongs to Cindy and the surface is reflective so you can use it as a mirror while you do your makeup.

Sidenote:// I started this entry about two weeks ago, and only managed to post it now. Terrible blogger am I. Trying to clear up all the drafts I have before publishing my PROJECT: ABAD posts. Have a good Friday night everybody, puke where the bushes are! xx