You know if I love a product enough, out comes the ♥ and oohs and the ahhs XD

I’m on a high to shoot the blushers first and get quality swatches before I commence on (long-windedly) blogging and yakking all about them. That routine has been working so far for me. Though I would have to warn you ladies first that I’ll be doing up a few more pictures of the MAC Instant Chic blusher as the best of what I have don’t do it any justice at all.

Which means I’ll probably try to do a face swatch. With the blinding DSLR or sneak a shot with someone’s Iphone4. The Galaxy totally fails me on that.

*drumrolls* May I present to you, ze marvellous thing that is the MAC Instant Chic(k)~ ♥

The MAC Instant Chic is a Limited Edition blusher, though it comes in the standard black box that houses their permanent blushers.

So beautiful!!

In case you are curious about what polish I was wearing…

I’m wearing the Orly Country Club Khaki! Got the polish around Lunar New Year? Only wore it now :/ *extremely guilty face*

Now arm swatches.

Please ignore the gold glitter. I was playing with the MAC Stereo Rose and forgot to wipe off before swatching the Instant Chic. There is no glitter/shimmer whatsoever in Instant Chic, fyi. This is an accurate color swatch of the blusher ♥

The MAC Instant Chic is a very soft pink-peach color that is so wearable, and no nasty shimmers. I’m on a no-shimmer phase now *ahem* and I prefer to wear my own highlighter over the blush. Maybe that’s because I own too many highlighter MSFs for comfort XD

Product Review:

Intensity: Slightly sheer to lightly pigmented. Hohoho. If you press down on the blush pan, you will definitely see a nice wash of color.

Finish: I wouldn’t say its a flat matte, but it definitely doesnt have shimmer in it. The Sheertone finish gives me a glowing-from-within look and this peach does not pull too heavy on me for me to wear ♥

Value for Money: This retails for S$37, according to Rochie who cut me a fantastic deal and sold it to me for $25 since it wasn’t getting much love from her. If you happen to be a NC15-NC30, get your paws on the MAC Instant Chic if you ever come across it. You wont regret this.

Lasting Power: Around 5 hours. I like how it wears out on me 🙂

Possible Dupes: The MAC Hipness is one of the most popular contenders. I did a couple of comparison swatches, but the direct sunlight freaked out my camera.

I know the MAC Hipness shows up weirdly here, please refer to this post for the proper swatches. The Instant Chic is more peach than pink, whereas the Hipness is more of a soft, bright pink than peach.

Overall thoughts: I love this blusher, can you tell already? It’s the perfect peach for me when I want a natural, glowy look without overwhelming my cheeks. A light dusting will do fine and I don’t need any additional blending out. I can see this working out for ladies between NC15-NC30, anything higher it might not work out for you. Again, my apologies for featuring this blusher since it’s Limited Edition and all, but really, the MAC Instant Chic is one of my favorite fuss-free blushers that makes you an instant hit XD


Do check out Jenn’s post on another beautiful NARS blusher here and Elaine looking rosey by Bobbi Brown here. Thank you for dropping by and checking out this (and my other blush fiends’) blog and supporting our PROJECT: ABAD challenge ♥

It really is a challenge trying to do a proper review, swatches and photo everyday and I’m still trying to get on top of things, but your comments and encouragements helped. I know I havent been replying to comments, please give me some time *guiltyface*. I’ll try to insert posts of other varieties, got one coming right up XD

P.S. I’ll do a face swatch for Instant Chic, I promise. Once the breakouts clear up and my suddenly-swollen eye goes away, that is. 😦 If you like the Instant Chic or have a favourite peach blush to share, tell me about it!