1. I’m so psyched to pop into Hong Kong and check out the Giorgio Armani counter! Have you seen their Summer 2011 collection yet? I’m going to spend a huge amount of money on the brand when I visit the store with Jennifer. See the eye palette swatches here, courtesy of Best Things in Beauty. I think they have three blushers slated to be released as well, so I’ll be looking out for them.
  2. My skin is in breakout weak and it seems a little more serious than normal. My right eye swelled like a golf ball last night and I could barely open my eyes this morning. Sorry about the death of face swatches for PROJECT: ABAD, wasn’t feeling up to it.
  3. Lastly, life has been good recently. Work is good, been just filling up my first week after graduating watching Korean dramas, blogging, reading blogs and spending some time with friends. And oh, swimming in the the dusky evening and laughing myself silly in the sauna. Happy.