Hi everyone! For Day 7 of PROJECT: ABAD, here’s the other Happy Booster blush in Natural!

This is the most accurate color swatch of the blush. I couldn’t capture the different tones when I did close-ups.

Arm swatches.

If you are looking for a nude blush, this is definitely not what you will be happy with. It’s coral on me.

Rose / Natural (sheered out) / Natural (heavy swatch)

You can see that the blush is Rose is really rose when you compare it to the Natural.

Product Review:

Intensity: I used the MAC116 with this, press down hard on the blush pan and the color shows up incredibly well on my skin. Medium pigmented.

Finish: Slight shimmers.

Value for Money: [See the review I did for the blush in Rose]

The Physician Formula Happy Booster blushers retail at USD11.95 and the cheapest one I can find in Singapore is selling at S$25. However I wouldn’t recommend this blush, because of how ordinary the color is. Unless you get a kick of blushers having a scent to them, this blush definitely smells good. It lasts at least two hours when you first put it on, so I’m guessing the ‘happy’ effect comes from the fact that you can smell your blush.

Whether you find paying for a rose blusher that smells of violets (why aren’t they rose-scented huh?) is worth the S$25, I’ll leave it up to you to decide. Also, note that the violet smell of the blusher is quite strong, but it definitely fades. The one I own doesn’t smell so strongly now. I used to be able to catch a recognizable sniff of it whenever I go near my makeup stash. And you don’t have to open your blush cover to smell it.

In short: S$25 for rose blush that has violet smell but said smell will fade and sooner or later and this become ordinary blush with no smell, worth it? Naw.

Lasting Power: They lasted alright, about 3 hours on the average. The smell will fade before that though.

Possible Dupes: Any bright pink-coral blusher would do. Not terribly unique, this color is. But I would say its very wearable, as do the Rose.

Overall thoughts: I like this in Natural more than I do the one in Rose, but again that might be due to my personal preference at the moment. Again,  very dupeable color and I wouldn’t advise you buying just for its violet smell, because that will definitely fade. I like it just because a heavy swipe of it is perfect on my cheeks.

Check out the review I did for the Physcian’s Formula Happy Booster blush in Rose here :O

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Have a good Monday everyone, off for a dip in the pool!