Hi everyone, am heading off for a last minute trip to JB, will update PROJECT: ABAD when I’m back 🙂

EDIT:// Thanks to this post that did not get published via WordPress Mobile, my original PROJECT: ABAD double entry surprise was entirely wiped out. And I deleted pictures off my desktop. *FACEPALM* Excuse me while I go cry about having to rewrite the post again. ;_;

And I’m sorry about no posting about PROJECT: ABAD. I had an exam on Thursday night (my last hopefully) and was busy preparing for it. That said, I will work doubly hard to ensure such inconveniences do not happen again. Thank you so much to all the lovely ladies who commented on my posts, I’m sorry if you were looking for a reply and thought I was ignoring you. I am not – just simply too busy to do a proper one. xoxoxo Off to approve comments and reply in the morning~