Wassup my fellow superheros, today I’m so excited to be bringing you something that I tried and loved – the MAC Mighty Aphrodite blusher that was released a month or so ago from the MAC Wonder Woman collection.

Sidenote:// I’ve actually received the MAC Mighty Aphrodite twice, the first time I accidentally sold it away while the second, I received in my personal package from Carrie. Again, I’ve been a terrible blogger and before I could do up the HAUL: entry about my own items, PROJECT: ABAD was launched. And SHOUTOUT and MAJOR LOVE to my babe in the USA, Carrie whom this post is dedicated to! She insisted that I try out Mighty Aphrodite and tada, here it is on Day 3 of the challenge.

What is A-Blush-A-Day (ABAD) Project?

Project ABAD was started by Elaine, Jennifer and I. On each day, each of us will present a different blush we used each day (so that’s 3 x 30 = 90 blushes), with swatches done either on face or on hand, and a short review. For my list of 30 blushes to be used in this project, click here. Don’t forget to head to Elaine’s and Jennifer’s blogs for daily blush surprises!

Without further ado, I present to you the lovely thing that is Mighty Aphrodite ^^

I really love the packaging that this came in. My first-ever MAC blusher that isn’t from the regular collection, super-sized!

And I love the interior of the box. I have this habit of keeping all the boxes that my cosmetics come in, even the bulky Japanese plastic packaging. It makes me feel complete.

The MAC Wonder Woman collection had its fair share of detractors with its packaging design. Some hated it but for me,  I’m just happy to relive my childhood days. The Mighty Aphrodite blusher looks like one of the brightly-colored toys I used to play with.

And remember when I mentioned the items in the Wonder Woman collection came super-sized?

The Mighty Aphrodite blusher is the size as the MAC Perfect Topping MSF. Which I do not have anymore since the helper managed to drop it on the floor and the entire MSF just detached itself from pan and disintegrated into tiny pieces. My favorite to-go-to highlighter, gone ;_;

Pan swatch 1.

Pan swatch 2.

The pan swatches are accurate to color. The second photograph is slightly darker than the first as I was holding it up to the lens.

Sidenote:// I think I’m so easy to figure out. The more pictures I post of a product, the more I like it. For this baby, I’m in love.

With the super-size, comes a mirror. I like that it is functional. I believe this might well be the first MAC blusher to come with a mirror.

And now ladies (and gentlemen), I present to you my pride and joy – swatches!

Left – The peachy (larger) side of the blush pan

Right – The darker pink (smaller) side of the blush pan

They don’t have names though.

Left – The peachy (larger) side of the blush pan

Center – The darker pink (smaller) side of the blush pan

Right – Mixed

DSLR. Without flash.

DSLR. With flash.

Are you as excited as I am already? Looking at these pictures again make me delirious.

Wearing just the blush on the larger side of the pan (top section).

Wearing the darker color blush on top. I know I should have swirled it around, give it a couple of shakes, but my cheeks do not take well to color already and removing my base makeup and redoing it will give me redness 😦

You can see that the dark pink shade intensifies the color, but the when you mix both sections of Mighty Aphrodite (and not be lazy like me to pat it on), you get a really beautiful, low-key shimmery, peachy-pink blush.

Product Review:

Intensity: A little sheer but you can still see color. Wears true as you build it up. Beautiful!

Finish: MAC lists Mighty Aphrodite as a SATIN/FROST finish, and the powder applied really smooth and picked up well without being powdery. The shimmer is very low-key and I love it.

Value for Money: The MAC Mighty Aphrodite retailed for S$47 / USD24 and being super-sized, I would say go grab it girls! Red is my favorite color and you get a mirror to do your blush with. Very handy to have in your bag.

Lasting Power: I realize that MAC SATIN/FROST finishes are not expected to wear very long, but I would say 3 hours. And also, the blush wears very beautifully.

Possible Dupes: Oh, possibly the NARS Orgasm / Super Orgasm, Deep Throat etc for the mixed colors, single ones I dont have it at the back of my head.

Overall thoughts: I’m so glad Carrie was insistent on me trying Mighty Aphrodite out, I own my fair share of such peach-pink shades and it’s standing out to me even. I like that you can control how much peach or pink you want in your blush, and I can see this working for girls below NC40 as the peach shade is really wearable. Carrie loves hers (she’s an NC30) and I’m glad Mighty Aphrodite is so versatile to be able to work across so many skintones. In short, grab it if you ever see it being sold and I’m so tempted myself to buy a backup for this baby!

*Wonder Woman stance* DENG DENG DENG DENG

If you have the MAC Mighty Aphrodite or even its sister, the Amazon Princess (which I didn’t buy as it was too dark for me), please share with me your thoughts and how you wear it! I know I’m putting on my blush a little low on my cheeks, but that’s because I’m as blind as a bat without specs and I kinda forgot to aim higher. The specs get in the way of me applying makeup *facepalm*

I hope you enjoyed the MAC Mighty Aphrodite as much as I do. Please check out my fellow blush fiend, Elaine’s post on a happy product (and smells very good too) here – Thanks for supporting Project: ABAD ladies, your comments have been very encouraging *throws confetti*